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These Pikmin 4 sweets capture Oatchi’s jiggles perfectly

Twitter has gone mad for these Pikmin 4 sweets and we can see why! These handcrafted marshmallows capture the Pikmin and Oatchi’s cuteness wonderfully.

Pikmin 4 sweets: A photograph of Miscellaneousmao's marshmallow version of Oatchi and the Pikmin in a white mug filled with hot chocolate

The internet is full of delicious, nerdy snacks this week it seems. First, we had Jaymin Khansmith’s Pokémon food, and now we’re greeted with adorable Pikmin 4 sweets just in time for the game’s launch. Confectioner Gloria, aka Miscellaneousmao, made these gelatinous versions of the Pikmin 4 cast and we are obsessed.

Gloria took to Twitter and Instagram to show off her candy creation and fans went wild. We can’t get over the level of talent she must have to be able to recreate Oatchi and three of the classic Pikmin designs using marshmallows, notoriously one of the stickiest substances known to mankind. Oatchi looks so adorable ferrying his little friends across the hot chocolate lake that we’d not want to eat him!

During the process, Gloria ended up making a few too many marshmallow Pikmin, so she decided to turn them into her own version of Lucky Charms cereal. As well as crafting these extremely delicate sweets, Gloria did it all while wearing Pikmin nail art on her hands which is equally well executed.

According to her Instagram page, Gloria creates these beautiful culinary masterpieces just for fun and doesn’t take commissions. While we’re a little sad as we’d love to sample some Oatchi hot chocolates at PT Towers, we’re still glad that we get to see her art online. She’s also made some Snorlax-themed snacks recently to celebrate the launch of Pokémon Sleep that are just as precious as her Pikmin treats.

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That’s everything you need to know about these Pikmin 4 sweets. For more on the latest installment in the plant puzzler franchise, check out our Pikmin 4 review or learn more about the series’ past in our piece on the Pikmin 4 Ask the Developer interview.