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Piñata Smashlings Care Bears collab puts Care-a-Lot’s cuties in Roblox

Toikido’s Piñata Smashlings welcomes the Care Bears, creating a compassionate community of fans in the successful Roblox experience.

Pinata Smashlings Care Bears: A unicorn Pinata from the game flanked by the new designs for Cheer Bear and Share Bear. They are outlined in white and pasted on a blurred screenshot of one of the islands

Toikido and Cloudco Entertainment are teaming up to bring us a Piñata Smashlings Care Bears collaboration. The iconic 80s franchise’s colorful and magical aesthetic blends seamlessly into the vibrant Piñataverse and sets an exciting precedent for future Smashlings crossovers.

Roblox is no stranger to brand collaborations, with more and more companies using Roblox games to reach their younger audiences through immersive advertising campaigns. Toikido’s Piñata Smashlings is the perfect game to house the Care Bears thanks to its bright and family-friendly atmosphere – we can’t exactly imagine Funshine Bear taking part in a tower defense game or tycoon simulator.

This crossover event introduces Care Bears Adventure Island, a brand new area in Piñata Smashlings for you to explore that transforms the Care Bears cast into unique Smashlings for you to collect. Adventure Island features themed mini-games inspired by the morals and values of the series, as well as an exclusive line of digital rewards for you to collect and show off across Roblox.

Cloudco Entertainment’s Ian Lambur says, “Piñata Smashlings’ vibrant and playful world is a perfect match for the joyful and caring ethos of the Care Bears. This collaboration allows us to bridge the cherished memories of longtime fans with the dynamic possibilities of modern digital play, introducing these beloved characters to a new generation in a fresh and engaging way.”

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When is the Piñata Smashlings Care Bears event?

The Care Bears make the trip to the Piñataverse on September 14, 2024. You can explore Care Bears Adventure Island and its exciting crossover story until November 15.

We can’t wait to see how the Care Bears look in Piñata Smashlings. Check out our Piñata Smashlings interview to learn more about Toikido’s “blockbuster quality” Roblox game, or head to our list of fun Roblox games to find your new favorite experience.