The best Roblox games

Find out which Roblox games are well worth your play time

What makes Roblox really special perhaps isn’t the game itself. Sure, it’s a lot of fun, and there’s lots to do, but what really stands out the most are Roblox games. Using the in-game creation system, fans are able to create all manner of Roblox games, whether horror, RPG, adventure, simulation, or even FPS. Roblox games allows you to imagine and create whatever play experience you want, and then enjoy it with others who are doing the same.

But there are so many Roblox games of so many different types out there it can be a bit overwhelming; where do I start? What will I like? Is this worth my time? Rather than scrawling through thousands upon thousands of Roblox games, we’ve picked out the very best to save you some time.

Whether it’s a city where you can build your own in-game house, a battle between cops and robbers, or being hunted by a murderous weapon-wielding pig, this is a platform which encourages imagination, so let’s look at the best examples of Roblox games.

Here are the best roblox games:

Adopt Me!

Everyone loves a cute animal, and ‘Adopt Me!‘ is based around that love. On Adoption Island you can build a home, collect pets, and then dress them up to your heart’s desire based on a number of themes. It’s a simple formula, but what has worked for tens of thousands of YouTube videos surely works here. The most recent theme is pirates, letting you build both a ship-shape home, and deck yourself out in swashbuckling regalia.


The name Piggy might sound like a game where you frolic in a meadow with a friendly swine, but the reality couldn’t be more different. In this horror game, you’ve got escape ‘Piggy’ a baseball bat wielding pig who will hunt you throughout the building you’re trapped in. Your only hope is discovering the true origin of Piggy before the beast hunts you down and beats you senseless – fun for all the family!


Give gamers a place to create a shooter and you better believe they will. Arsenal is the most popular FPS on Roblox, facing you off against a variety of other opponents in massive deathmatches. Wielding weird and often wacky weapons, you’ll have to get as many kills as you can in order to claim the Golden Knife. Once you have it, all you need to do is kill another player with it and victory will be yours! Easy right?

Welcome to Bloxburg

This Roblox game is effectively a reality simulator. Welcome to Bloxburg lets you build a house, get a car, hang out with friends, explore the city, and all that great real life stuff that we prefer to do in games for some reason. Bloxburg is a lovely little locale for anyone wanting to relax, or just do a little bit of roleplay.


What game would be complete without a classic cop vs robber scenario? In Jailbreak you can choose to play as either a hardened criminal or a righteous law enforcement officer. As criminals you’ll plan heists and raids, and as police, you’ll try your best to stop them. It’s a lot of fun, teaming up with friends and creating devious plans, or facing off against each other from opposite sides of the fence.

Tower of Hell

In this climbing game of obstacle madness, you’ll have to scale the Tower of Hell, a randomly generated structure with no checkpoints. It’s extremely difficult, since once you fail, you’re done. But it’s also incredibly addictive, and fun to play with friends, as you race against each other to reach the top.

Murder Mystery

This game is a little like Dead by Daylight Mobile, if Dead by Daylight had a detective element as well. In Murder Mystery, you and a number of friends must survive each round, all the while trying to unmask the killer hunting you. The innocents, who are unarmed, must work with the Sheriff, the only character with a weapon, to discover who the killer is and give them a taste of their own medicine, before they turn you all into fish food.

Meep City

In a similar way to Welcome to Bloxburg, Meep City also lets you create your own estate, but also hang out, chat with friends, and play games together. This is the far more chill side of Roblox, where you can just hang out online, very different to those games where you’re being hunted by a Pig, or a murderer in disguise.

Build a Boat for Treasure

I don’t want to say Build a Boat for Treasure is self-explanatory… but it says it right there. In Build a Boat for Treasure, you and a group of friends built a boat… for treasure. But seriously, you craft your craft together and then must survive a variety of trials and environments in order to get the sweet loot that you’re all craving. Imagine Sea of Thieves but with more DIY.

Anime Fighting Simulator

Have you ever wanted to live your favourite anime battles? Anime Fighting Simulator will probably get you as close as you’re ever going to get – without doing Saitama’s special exercise regime that is. Train your mind, and body, while facing off against powerful bosses, unlocking swords and special powers to defeat them.

And those are the best Roblox games – in our humble opinion! If you’d like to check out Roblox games for yourself, we have a useful Roblox player guide, and also a Roblox promo codes guide for any freebie lovers!

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