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New wholesome game gets a surprise Nintendo Switch release date

The Pine Hearts Switch release date announcement is amazing news for cozy game fans looking to experience this whimsical, heartfelt story.

Pine Hearts Switch release date: Tyke from Pine Hearts holding a red emoji heart, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred game screenshot

Developer Hyper Luminal Games and publisher Little Nook announced today that we’re getting a Pine Hearts Switch release date alongside the game’s PC launch. You can now experience Tyke’s journey around the Pine Hearts Caravan Park while out on your own adventures.

Showcased as part of Wholesome Games’ Wholesome Snack 2023, Pine Hearts is Hyper Luminal’s upcoming “itsy-bitsy, open-world puzzle game,” exploring memories, loss, and family. Playing as Tyke, you revisit the caravan park where he grew up with his father, help the locals with their problems, and discover whimsical surprises around every corner. You might even engage in some light monster-hunting on your journey if you’re not too preoccupied with toasting marshmallows and grilling the perfect burger.

Hyper Luminal Games is a studio dedicated to creating accessible games for all, as you can see from the Pine Hearts booth at this year’s WASD which features a variety of adaptive controllers. The game itself features a range of accessibility settings, including simplified controls, full controller remapping, and color-blocking mode, with more promised on launch.

When is the Pine Hearts Switch release date?

Pine Hearts releases simultaneously on the Nintendo Switch and PC on May 23, 2024. If you’re eager to play right away, you can grab a 10% discount off the standard retail price ($19.99/£15.99) during the first week of launch. Keep your eyes peeled for a special edition bundle that features the game’s soundtrack and a digital artbook as well as the base game.

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