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The new Pokémon Community Forums show why we can’t have nice things

There’s a new and official Pokémon Community Forums page, but prepare to see the message ‘discussion not found’ over and over again.

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In the year 2023, there’s a new Pokémon Community Forums page. Yes. A new forum. In the year 2023. It’s wild, we know, but if there’s anything we like talking about online, it’s Pokémon, so that makes sense. What makes much less sense is some of the forum topics we’ve already seen. We were expecting debates over the best Pokémon games and instead got accusations of VGC champions cheating to debates over which Pokémon would best maneuver a forklift truck.

While the Pokémon Community Forums page arrived out of the blue, it’s taken less than a few hours to fill up with the kind of stuff you know it’s just not there for. For example, we’re pretty sure ‘one billion lions vs every Pokémon ’ is not the sort of thing the admins are expecting here, but that’s what they’ve got. But for the record, the Pokémon win. They have Shuckle.

There are definitely some, let’s say, engaging topics, on the Pokémon Community Forums, but you might not be able to check all of them out. Many of the more controversial posts, which we won’t list here so as not to offend, open to a ‘discussion not found’ error message, with admins seemingly working quickly to shut any inappropriate discussions down. Honestly, they’re doing god’s work.

Still, it’s no surprise to see some teething issues with the Pokémon Community Forums in the early days of the project. It’s worth saying that outside of some of the ridiculous posts, the forums are pretty detailed, with separate pages for the anime, TCG, main series games, and more. It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on for fans of the series.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the official Pokémon Community Forums page. For some topics worth debating, check out lists of our favorite Pokémon gym leaders and our picks for the cutest Pokémon.