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Pokémon Go type chart - effectiveness, strengths, and weaknesses

Sick of not seeing super-effective moves? Our Pokémon Go type chart gives you the lowdown on how to hit hard in the battle league and beyond

Graphic displaying all of the Pokémon types available

At this point, there are so many different types and type combinations in the world of Pokémon Go, even an established Pokémon professor might have to check their notes from time to time. So, if you want to be the best there ever was, you’ll need to know your counters to Camerupt, and how to answer to an Aerodactyle, before you learn the hard way.

Fortunately, we’ve got the tool for any budding Pokémon master with our Pokémon Go type chart. With this, you can hit enemies for six with super-effective moves, you can also plan around your preferred team for switching in to soak up any resisted attacks. It’s especially useful for any nostalgia fuelled Pokémon Go players, who might have missed out on the introduction of new typings.

Once you know your way around our Pokémon Go type chart, why not take a browse of our Pokémon GO legendary guide to see what big-hitters might suit your newly strategised team. On the subject of typings, you should also swing by our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution list, and check out how to get your hands on the full roster of adorable Eevee alternatives.

Pokémon Go type chart – strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness 

All of the ‘mons in Pokémon Go have the same types as they do in the series’ core games, making things a little easier for returning fans. However, there‘s some variation with type matchups, so for experienced trainers, it’s still worth checking in on how Niantic interprets the vast pool of different types.

Type Strong Against Weak Against Resistant To Vulnerable To
Fire Ice, Bug, Grass, Steel  Fire, Rock, Water, Dragon Grass, Bug, Fire, Ice, Steel  Water, Rock, Ground 
Water  Rock, Ground, Fire  Grass, Water, Dragon  Fire, Water, Steel, Ice  Grass, Electric 
Electric Flying, Water,  Grass, Ground, Electric, Dragon  Flying, Steel, Electric  Ground
Grass Ground, Rock, Water  Fire, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Grass, Steel, Poison  Ground, Electric, Grass, Water  Ice, Fire, Bug, Flying, Poison 
Normal  – Steel, Ghost, Rock Ghost  Fighting 
Psychic  Poison, Fighting  Steel, Dark, Psychic  Psychic, Fighting  Ghost, Dark, Bug 
Ghost Psychic, Ghost  Normal, Dark  Normal, Poison, Bug, Fighting Dark, Ghost 
Fighting Normal, Rock, Ice, Steel, Dark Psychic, Flying, Fairy, Bug, Ghost, Poison  Dark, Rock, Bug  Psychic, Fairy, Flying 
Rock Fire, Bug, Flying, Ice  Ground, Fighting, Steel  Normal, Poison, Fire, Flying  Water, Steel, Fighting, Grass, Ground 
Ground Poison, Fire, Rock, Steel, Electric  Flying, Bug, Grass  Rock, Poison, Electric  Ice, Water, Grass
Dragon Dragon Fairy, Steel Grass, Electric, Fire, Water  Dragon, Fairy, Ice 
Flying Fighting, Bug, Grass  Rock, Steel, Electric  Fighting, Grass, Ground, Bug  Ice, Electric, Rock 
Ice Grass, Ground, Dragon, Flying Steel, Water, Fire, Ice Ice  Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel 
Poison  Fairy, Grass Steel, Rock, Ghost, Ground, Poison  Fighting, Poison, Grass, Fairy  Psychic, Ground
Bug  Dark, Grass, Psychic  Flying, Ghost, Fire, Steel, Poison, Fairy, Fighting Grass, Ground, Fighting  Rock, Flying, Fairy
Dark Psychic, Ghost  Fairy, Dark, Fighting  Ghost, Dark, Psychic  Fairy, Bug, Fighting 
Steel Ice, Rock, Fairy  Fire, Steel, Water, Electric  Grass, Ice, Fairy, Flying, Poison, Steel, Rock, Psychic Dragon, Bug  Ground, Fire, Fighting 
Fairy  Fighting, Dragon, Dark  Steel, Poison, Fire  Dragon, Dark, Bug, Fighting  Steel, Poison 

Key art of the three Pokemon Legend Arceus starts for Pokemon damage calculator guide

Multipliers and Immunities in Pokémon Go 

Even with our Pokémon Go type chart, it can still take a little working out to understand what attack to opt for with so many dual-type Pokémon. The good news is that we know the exact multipliers for each and any combination, so you don’t have to do the maths. 

Super effective against one type 2.56x 
Super effective against both types  1.6x
Not very effective against one type 0.625x 
Not very effective against two types  0.391x

Long-time fans of the franchise will also know that in the core series games, some Pokémon are entirely immune to attacks of a particular typing, but that doesn’t carry over into Pokémon Go. Instead, any moves that would usually be immune are doubly resisted in this game, and have the same damage multiplier as a move not very effective against two types. 

With all that under your belt, you should be raring and ready to go for some better battles in Pokémon Go. If you still need a little help adding some new types to your team, check out our list of Pokémon Go codes for access to a bunch of Pokéballs and other handy items.