Discover the truth with these Pokémon game plot explanations

With these Pokémon game plot explanations, you can learn what’s really going on through the different Pokémon generations, from Kanto to Paldea

Screenshot of one of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters, Quaxly, on the players shoulder

Who doesn’t love Pokémon? It’s no secret that we at Pocket Tactics have a strong love for the franchise, and it’s always a pleasure to dive into the realms of Reddit to check in with the rest of the community. In fact, sometimes, we come across posts we can’t help but love, and this Pokémon game plot explanations thread is one of them.

In this post by Redditor SirHanselot07, you can discover some amusing plot explanations for the entire series of mainline games. Each generation has a different story, we all know this. Separate regions tend to have different enemy factions, characters, and Pokémon, and with that come various motives. Well, throw everything you think you know about these narratives out the window.

For instance, if you want to know the Ruby and Sapphire plot, and how things really are in that world, here’s the plot explanation, “I accidentally started a fight between a dinosaur and a what and now I have to call their mum, who happens to be a giant green snake in the sky.” Hey, nobody said being a family is easy, and it just so happens that you stumble into a sibling rivalry like no other – it can happen to anyone.

However, it might just be the explanation for the Sinnoh region that takes the cake here, as the plot summary for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is “a hot blonde in goth clothing and her shark told me to fight the devil” – just call Ed and Lorraine Warren if you need some help with this.

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While we’d love to go through all of the plot explanations for each generation, we won’t spoil anymore so you can dive into the thread yourself and discover what’s really happening in Kanto, Galar, and the rest of the regions.

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