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Pokémon Go Fest creates millions for local economies

This year's summer festivals brought in a huge boost for their host cities thanks to Pokémon Go’s popularity - Gholdengo would be proud.

Pokémon Go Fest profits: Pikachu and Eevee walking through a field of flowers

Here are some interesting facts and figures for you – this summer’s Pokémon Go Festivals, held across multiple countries, generated a huge cash injection for local economies, totaling over $300 million!

Pokémon Go Fest took place in London, Osaka, and New York, where attendance clocked in at around 194k people – that’s a lot of trainers. Together, players caught over 34 million Pokémon during the festival.

Across the world, local economies at each location got a nice boost in both sales and tax revenue. London’s festival, held in Brockwell Park, brought in approximately £46 million thanks to the 50k people who came into the city to take part. Interestingly, figures show that most visitors were actually from outside the UK that descended on Brockwell Park – which only added to the total money made

For some context as to how impressive these figures are, the 2023 UEFA Champions League final brought around £65 million to its host city – Istanbul – whereas the Eurovision Song Contest generated approximately £54 million for Liverpool’s economy.

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Tracy Halliwell, the Director of Tourism, Conventions & Major Events at London & Partners has this to say on the economic boost: “The openness and curiosity of Londoners made Pokémon GO Fest a big hit… London’s diverse community, great choice of venues, and excellent transportation make it a perfect place for events to thrive”.

This sounds like we’ll see future events taking place in the city, perhaps including bigger and even better than Pokémon Go Fest – we’ll need to wait and see what next year holds.

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