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Pokémon Go Routes lets you walk this way with friends

The new Pokémon Go Routes update is here to shake up the mobile game, as you can now create and share your favorite paths with pals.

Pokemon Go routes: two trainers walk down a route playing Pokemon Go

It’s been a hot minute since Niantic added a huge new feature to Pokémon Go, but this latest addition could forge a new path for the adventurous AR app. Available in a brand new update today, Pokémon Go Routes allow you to forge your own trail, with other users also able to walk the route. Make sure to check out our Pokémon Go map guide to plan your path.

Niantic explains that Routes are “easy to create” as users simply start walking from one Pokéstop, mark their route, and finish at another Pokéstop. When you walk along routes Pokémon Go gifts you with extra bonuses (though what these entail is currently unclear), as well as a chance to encounter different Pokémon. Plus, players of any level can start creating routes.

Finally, you don’t even need to have the app open to walk along routes, as the game still captures your location data while in background mode. It all sounds very promising, and the idea of players creating ideal routes to hit the best gyms in town is a fun one. We’re excited to test this new feature out, we just hope the rewards aren’t as lackluster as recent offerings. For more information, head over to the Pokémon Go blog now.

The announcement coincides with a fun reveal trailer, so have a look at the new feature in action with the debut video below.

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If the Pokémon Go routes announcement has you pumped for exploring again, don’t forget that Niantic is hosting a rerun of the Squirtle Pokémon Go community day this weekend for players that missed out.