Pokémon Go map – explore a world filled with Pokémon

Our ultimate guide to the best Pokémon Go maps to help you navigate the world with all your favourite 'mons

A Pokémon trainer near a Pokéstop

As one of the world’s most popular augmented reality mobile games, Pokémon Go uses the real world as its map. You roam the streets in real life using GPS to catch wild Pokémon. In order to reach gyms, raids, and specific Pokémon you want to catch, the whole world is your oyster and you might need some help navigating it. Luckily, there are comprehensive maps put together collaboratively by the Pokémon Go community to help you figure out where to go and what you’ll find there.

In this Pokémon Go map guide, we’ve outlined the best maps you’ll want to use that will help you on your way. They’re also called map trackers, as they essentially track what other members have logged in specific locations, this is a lot faster than roaming the streets aimlessly.

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Now, let’s get to it. Here are the best Pokémon Go maps.

Pokémon Go maps

A Pokémon Go map looking over London

PoGo Map

The PoGo Map is a browser-based map that primarily keeps track of Pokéstops and gyms in your area. It’s a map that has stood the test of time, with most other maps being taken down by Niantic for legal reasons. PoGo Map did have to change its name, but it’s there and ready to help. There’s also a Discord link up top if you want to chat with other users. Click here to take a look.

A Pokémon Go map showing you gym locations around Cupertino

PokeHunter Map

PokeHunter is specifically a map for gym locations and raid battles. It pops up the location of gyms around where you are as well as handy information on what time raid battles are happening, which team is holding each gym, and what Pokémon will be in battle. So, if you’re interested in that specific Pokémon Go data, click here.

A Pokémon Go map in dark mode

The Silph Road

If you’re looking for other Pokémon Go trainers nearby, then this map is for you. Zoom in to your area to see the local Discord channels, where the chat is all things Pokémon Go. It’s not quite a map that’ll detail where each Pokémon is, but if you make some friends in chat, you’ll be able to share tips and tricks far beyond location-based pointers. Check it out by clicking here.

A Pokémon Go map that shows you Pokémon in your area


Finally, you’ve got Pokemap. This map has you sorted if you’re looking for a specific Pokémon in your area. Unfortunately, it’s so densely populated with Pokémon that it’s slow to run and requires some patience. But, if you’re happy to wait, the pay-off can lead you to the place you want to be. Click here to take a look.

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