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Pokémon Virtual Fest is an online theme park opening this August

Pokémon Virtual Fest is open for three weeks in Japan

The Pokémon Virtual Fest is an upcoming online amusement park opening in Japan between August 12-31. The digital theme park will contain rides, shows, and missions for you to enjoy on your mobile device.

Pokémon Virtual Fest is taking place in the Japanese social networking app, Cluster. You will get to choose from three avatars, which represent the starting characters in the latest Pokémon game, Sword and Shield. The theme park comprises five key areas: the park entrance, attraction area, where the Pokémon Ferris wheel and various other rides are located, the beach, where you can relax and take photos with your friends, the store, where you can purchase various goodies and cosmetics for your in-game avatar, and the event stage, where events will take place throughout the opening of the park.

There is something exciting about a new theme park opening, even if it is virtual and based in Japan. Although the park hasn’t opened yet, it sounds like there is a lot to do.

Pokémon Virtual Fest has missions you can complete to unlock more attractions. Scrap, a company that specialises in escape rooms. created the missions in Pokémon Virtual Fest. 

The missions include:

  • Labyrinth: a maze for you to solve
  • Word puzzle: collect letters scattered in a room
  • Mystery: a cypher

Cluster confirmed that it will release these missions in order of the results that player’s submit. That means there might be a collective milestone to hit to unlock more missions and attractions.

If you would like to visit Pokémon Virtual Fest, you will need to download Cluster on either your Android or iOS device. To find out more about the event, visit the official Cluster website.

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