Pokémon Go event: August events detailed

A list of each upcoming Pokémon Go event to help you take advantage of them

July 31, 2020 Niantic has revealed details for August Spotlight Hour and Research Breakthrough, the details of which are now in our Pokémon Go event guide.

Pokémon Go event is a regular occurrence these days, with something new happening pretty much every week. If you’re a big fan of the location-based monster collector, then there’s very little reason to ever not be playing, whether it’s participating in Raid Hour, Community Day, Go Fest 2020, or the smaller events that take place in between.

Now, while this is a positive, as you’ve always got something to do to keep you busy, there’s a downside to it as well, as it’s really difficult to keep on top of everything that’s happening to Pokémon Go in any given moment. But that’s where we come in. We want to make your life much easier by providing a nice, chronological list of each upcoming Pokémon Go event you can participate in.

So please find that below. We also keep a list of the most recent Pokémon Go news, every single recent Pokémon Go update, so you can check the latest patch notes at a glance, and we’ve put together a complete Pokémon Go raids guide, which will help when it comes to participating in Raid Hours.

Pokémon Go event: Every single upcoming Pokémon Go Event listed

In this section, we’ll detail each current and upcoming Pokémon Go event. We’ll keep this regularly refreshed, and remove events from the previous months that are no longer applicable.

August Research Breakthrough Encounter

Scraggy features in August’s Research Breakthrough encounter, which will run between Saturday, August 1 at 13:00 to Tuesday, September 1 at 13:00 local time.

August Spotlight Hours

Niantic has announced details of August’s Spotlight Hours, which take place every Tuesday at 18:00 local time.

Here’s what you can expect from each hour:

  • Tuesday, August 4: Horsea is in the spotlight, and you earn double candy for catching Pokémon
  • Tuesday, August 11: Sableye is in the spotlight, and you earn double candy for transferring Pokémon
  • Tuesday, August 18: Venipede is in the spotlight, and you earn double XP for evolving Pokémon
  • Tuesday, August 25: Geodude is in the spotlight, and you earn double stardust for catching Pokémon

August Community Day

August Community Day takes place on Saturday, August 8, and features the fan-favourite Majikarp.

Here are the full details:

  • August Community Day takes place on Saturday, August 8 between 11:00 and 17:00 local time
  • Magikarp will appear more frequently in the wild
  • Shiny Magikarp may make an appearance
  • Evolve Magikarp and the subsequent Gyarados will know Aqua Tail
  • Triple catch stardust
  • Incense will last for three hours
  • Take snapshots for an extra surprise
  • Event-exclusive Field Research tasks will reward Magikarp candy
  • An August Community Day Box will feature 30 ultra balls, an Elite Charged TM, six star pieces, and an incense
  • You can get an exclusive Special Research story for $1, which sees Professor Willow explore Magikarp’s journey to evolution

Pokémon Go Fest 2020 makeup event

To make up for technical issues that occurred during Pokémon Go Fest 2020, Niantic is holding a special makeup event on August 16 between 11:00 and 14:00 local time.

Here are the full details:

  • Pokémon featured during Pokémon Go Fest’s Fire, Water, and Frendship habitat hours will appear in the wild
  • Incense will be more effective at attracting featured Pokémon, and certain featured Pokémon will only appear while incense is active
  • A free box will provide two incense and two remote raid passes
  • Any gifts you open during the event can contain rare candies
  • Incense lasts for an hour during the event

It’s worth noting that this event is only available to those that purchased a Pokémon Go Fest 2020 ticket.

Ultra unlock

Niantic has revealed details of this year’s Ultra Unlock event, which will take place for three weeks following Pokémon Go Fest 2020.

Let’s dive into the full details:

Global challenges

The Ultra Unlock event actually kicks off during Pokémon Go Fest 2020, when Niantic will release 32 global challenges that trainers can work together to complete.

Each time trainers complete a series of eight challenges, a new Ultra Unlock week event will kick off, up to a total of three week-long events.

After the challenge begins, you can check the overall progress in the ‘Today’ view.

Now, let’s take a look at the different weeks and what to expect from them.

Ultra Unlock Week One: Dragon Week

  • Complete eight global challenges, and you unlock Dragon Week
  • Dragon Week will take place between Friday, July 31 at 13:00 PDT and Friday, August 7 at 13:00 PDT
  • Alolan Exeggutor, Horsea, Dratini, Trapinch, Swablu, and Bagon will appear more frequently in the wild
  • Gible has a chance of appearing in the wild
  • Horsea, Dratini, Trapinch, Swablu, and Bagon will hatch from 7km eggs
  • Gible and Deino have a chance to hatch from 7km eggs
  • Rayquaza will appear in five-star raids
  • A timed research will last the duration of the event, and provide two encounters with Deino
  • Shiny Deino may make an appearance

Ultra Unlock Week Two: Enigma Week

  • Complete 16 global challenges, and you unlock Enigma Week
  • Enigma Week will take place between Friday, August 7 at 13:00 PDT and Friday, August 14 at 13:00 PDT
  • Staryu, Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Lunatone, Solrock, Baltoy, Bronzor, and Elgyem will appear more frequently in the wild
  • Cleffa, Igglybuff, Lunatone, Solrock, and Elgyem will hatch from 7km eggs
  • Bronzong, Claydol, Elgyem, and Unown U, L, T, R, and A will appear in raids
  • Normal Forme Deoxys will appear in five-star raids
  • Shiny Staryu and Shiny Normal Forme Deoxys may make an appearance

Ultra Unlock Week Three: Unova Week

  • Complete 24 global challenges, and you unlock Unova Week
  • Unova Week will take place between Friday, August 14 at 13:00 PDT and Friday, August 21 at 13:00 PDT
  • Sewaddle, Cottonee, Emolga, and Bouffalant will make their Pokémon Go debut, and will appear more frequently in the wild
  • Bouffalant will hatch from 5km eggs
  • Roggenrola and other Unova Pokémon will appear in raids
  • Genesect will appear in five-star raids
  • Shiny Roggenrola and Shiny Genesect may make an appearance

Go Battle League Season 3

The latest Pokémon Go event, Go Battle League, will kick off season 3 on Monday, July 27 at 13:00 PDT, and will feature a myriad of changes and rewards.

Here are the full details:

  • Season 3 will commence with the Great League on Monday, July 27 at 13:00 PDT, running until Monday, August 10 at 13:00 PDT
  • The Ultra League will then kick off, lasting until Monday, August 24 at 13:00 PDT. The Premier Cup has a 2,500 CP limit
  • Following this, the Master League will take place until Monday, September 7 at 13:00 PDT. There is no CP limit for this Premier Cup
  • All three leagues will then run until Monday, September 14 at 13:00 PDT, when season 4 will begin

Niantic has also detailed the following changes for season 3:

  • A new cup, the Flying Cup, will only allow flying-type Pokémom
  • The ‘Battle Until You Win’ feature will not return
  • There are new guaranteed reward encounters:
  • Pidgeot at rank one
  • Galarian Zigzagoon at rank four
  • Galarian Farfetch’d at rank seven
  • Rufflet at rank eight
  • Scraggy at rank nine
  • Pikachu Libre at rank ten
  • You also earn a new avatar pose and item at rank ten
  • The premium rewards track now rewards rare candies after your fourth win, though you only get six, reduced from eight
  • Finish at rank seven and you will receive an Elite Charged TM

There are also the following balance changes:

  • Drill Peck: deals more damage
  • Brave Bird: deals more damage and lowers the user’s attack
  • Infestation: generates energy faster
  • Hex: generates energy faster
  • Powder Snow: deals more damage
  • Blizzard: deals more damage
  • Flash Cannon: requires more energy
  • Focus Blast: deals less damage
  • Moonblast: decreased chance of lowering opponent’s attack

And the following Pokémon can learn these attacks:

  • Braviary: Close Combat
  • Abomasnow: Weather Ball (ice)
  • Pelipper: Weather Ball (water)
  • Empoleon: Drill Peck

team go rocket balloons (now including Jessie and James)

We’ve been reporting on Team Go Rocket’s shenanigans for days now, and we finally know what this pesky group is up to: invading the world of Pokémon Go. Cue a brand new Pokémon Go event, the details of which are below:

  • Every few hours, Team Go Rocket balloons will appear on your in-game map
  • Tap on the balloon and you can battle Team Go Rocket to rescue their Shadow Pokémon
  • Equip a Rocket Radar and you can encounter members of Team Go when you tap on a balloon
  • You can encounter Giovanni by equipping your Super Rocket Radar

Jessie and James are now making an appearance as part of this Pokémon Go event, and you can battle them by finding their Meowth balloon on the map and tapping it, which triggers a battle with them and their Shadow Pokémon.

To celebrate their appearance, Niantic has released a bunch of Jessie and James-themed avatar items in the Pokémon Go shop. Learn more in our Pokémon Go news guide.

Pokémon Go Research Breakthrough encounter: July 2020 features Larvitar

July’s Research Breakthrough Pokémon Go event encounter, features Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokémon. Here are the full details:

  • The Pokémon Go event begins on Wednesday, July 1 at 13:00 PDT and ends on Saturday, August 1 at 13:00 PDT
  • Larvitar is available as a Research Breakthrough encounter
  • You may encounter a Shiny Larvitar

Pokémon Go Raid Hour: July 2020

Kyurem arrives in Pokémon Go this month in a series of Raid Hours. Here are the full details of the Pokémon Go event series:

  • Kyurem will arrive in Pokémon Go on Tuesday, July 7 at 13:00 PDT in five-star raids
  • Raid Hour events featuring Kyurem will happen throughout July on the following dates and times:
  • July 8 between 18:00 – 19:00 local time
  • July 15 between 18:00 – 19:00 local time
  • July 22 between 18:00 – 19:00 local time
  • July 29 between 18:00 – 19:00 local time

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