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Catch the latest fashions with the Pokémon Center’s summer collection

The Pokémon Center’s summer collection is here and features plenty of Pokémon packed designs on clothes, bags, and picnic supplies.

Three items from the Lazy Summer Pokemon collection on a green background

Oh, I do like to be beside the Spheal-side – and what better way to go about your day at the beach than wearing the Pokémon Center’s summer collection, featuring towels, bags, clothing, and pool floaties?

Titled ‘Lazy Summer’ – a vibe we can all get behind – the new collection features a wide range of pastel-colored products emblazoned with a surfing Pikachu, Ditto with a boombox, and a Piplup pool float. Our favorite piece is probably the Spheal beach ball, though.

There’s a key theme of picnic-adjacent paraphernalia here along with the cool and very versatile clothing options. Among the hoodies and shirts are sets of plates, cups, foldable chairs, and a cooler backpack to keep your treats fresh while you redeem some Pokémon Go codes and catch some seaside critters.

The designer behind these retro-inspired designs is James Turner, designer of Pokémon including Buzzwole, Trevenant, and Centiskorch – but most notably, he runs All Possible Futures, and is bringing the studio’s debut title The Plucky Squire to Switch soon. Turner says he “like[s] to draw ‘feel-good’ artwork”, with plenty of retro elements, which are noticeable with the boombox next to Ditto, and Pikachu’s look as it catches a wave.

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The Lazy Summer collection is available now on the Pokémon Center website worldwide. There’s more to look forward to, as later in the year there will be new tropical designs with Charizard, Snorlax, and more prominent Pokémon popping up.

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