Ground Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Learn the ground Pokémon weakness, and how best to utilise those earthy-creatures including their strengths, resistances, and much more.

Ground Pokemon weakness: Mamoswine, Garchomp, and Exacdrill in front of a brown background

Our ground Pokémon weakness guide is to put you in your place when it comes to calculating battle damage. Ground Pokémon are one of the best types in the meta, an imposing force in battle, and a constant threat that any serious competitor needs to factor into their team. Whether it’s the speed of Garchomp, or the versatility of Landorus, ground Pokémon are a menace that you can’t ignore.

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Let’s crack on with our ground Pokémon weakness guide.

What are ground Pokémon weaknesses? 

The ground Pokémon weaknesses are water-, grass-, and ice-type moves. Pokémon like Walrein and Ludicolo pose a particular threat thanks to their dual typing, and with the defensive capabilities of most water Pokémon, it means they are a real thorn in the side of ground Pokémon everywhere.

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Ground Pokémon counters

If you want some suggestions on who to use to counter ground Pokémon, consider:

All three of these Pokémon fall under on of the three types that ground creatures are weak to. However, when selecting your own counters, it’s important to bear in mind that they may have a secondary type that’s weak to ground-type attacks.

What are ground Pokémon resistances? 

Ground Pokémon resist poison-, rock-, and electric-type moves. Plus, while they only take half damage from poison and rock moves, electric attacks are completely ineffective against ground. Well, you do ground electricity, so that’s great logic for us.

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What are ground Pokémon strengths? 

Ground-type moves are super effective against fire-, electric-, poison-, rock-, and steel-type Pokémon. Yes, that’s fantastic coverage. Being effective against five types is already great, but given how prolific these types are, you are likely to encounter a ground-type Pokémon on every team. Honestly, as a rule, you should always be ready for Garchomp.

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Alright, folks, that’s all for our ground Pokémon weakness guide, we hope it helps you in your battles! For even more great guides, be sure to check out our articles covering dragon Pokémon weakness, psychic Pokémon weakness, and dark Pokémon weakness next.