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Pokémon Gogh! Pikachu and pals take over Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum

The Pokémon Company is teaming up with one very famous artist, for the incredible Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum takeover. Oh yeah, and there’s merch.

Pokemon Van Gogh Museum: A portrait of Pikachu is visible, imitating the style of Vincent Van Gogh

Go, Smeargle! It’s time to grab your paintbrushes and your Poké balls, as The Pokémon Company announces one particularly artistic collaboration. Pikachu and the crew are just about everywhere nowadays, but this new Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum crossover features some of the best Pokémon artwork we’ve ever seen. We reckon Vincent would love a Sunflora, honestly.

The Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration is taking over the institution in Amsterdam from September 28, 2023, until January 7, 2024. If you head on over to Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum at that time, you can spot a collection of Van Gogh-inspired Pokémon artwork, with pieces featuring Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax, and much more. Even the very best Pokémon games don’t feature artwork this classy.

Of course, it isn’t a Pokémon crossover without some merch, and at the museum, you can purchase a special edition Pikachu wearing Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic blue overalls and hat. Pikachu still has both ears, though, so parents don’t worry about explaining that. You can also grab a limited Pokémon The Trading Card Game promo card (while stocks last) featuring a Van Gogh Pikachu. Other merchandise includes prints, t-shirts, tote bags, and much more. You can find out more at the Van Gogh Museum website. Will you be making the trip over?

When does the Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration run?

The Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration runs from September 28, 2023, all the way until January 7, 2024. So you’ve got a few months to plan a trip, but knowing Pokémon fans, it might be best to head over soon if you want to buy some cool Pokémon merch before it all sells out. We’re eyeing up a massive Eevee print, personally.

Is there a Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum trailer?

If you want to get an idea of what exactly is at the Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum, you can watch a walkthrough from our friends over at Serebii below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Well, we’ve got to call it a starry night on this article, but we hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the fascinating Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collab. If this has you in the mood for some battling, then be sure to hop on over to our guide to the strongest Pokémon and get your team ready for The Teal Mask DLC.