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Project Sekai characters 2024

Every major Project Sekai character listed for you in one convenient place. Hopefully we can help you decide who you want to come home.

Project Sekai characters: Art of the full cast from the 2024 Lawson Japan collab

When you first start, it can be super hard to keep track of the major Project Sekai characters and their relationships with each other. If you’re new to the world of Sekai, look no further than this handy list of all the main characters, organised by their Units.

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Let’s jump into our list of all the Project Sekai characters.

Virtual Singer

Project Sekai characters: Hatsune Miku's birthday card art.

Hatsune Miku

Miku is the most well-known of the Virtual Singers. Her cheerful voice and blue twintails are so iconic that even if you don’t know Vocaloid, you probably know Hatsune Miku. In Project Sekai, Miku and the other Virtual Singers live in another world called Sekai, and appear to humans to help them understand their feelings through music. Miku can be found in all five Sekais with varying personalities and outfits to match the vibe of the Sekai.

Project Sekai characters: Kaito's birthday art.


Kaito is a Virtual Singer who often takes on an older brother role in Sekai. He first appeared in the Wonderland Sekai as the troupe leader to help Tsukasa and the rest of Wonderlands X Showtime.

Project Sekai characters: Meiko's birthday card art.


Meiko is a Virtual Singer who is known for being caring, patient, and somewhat motherly. She first appeared in Street Sekai, where she runs a cafe called ‘Crase Cafe’. She advises Kohane and the rest of Vivid Bad Squad.

Project Sekai cards: Kagamine Rin in her birthday outfit.

Kagamine Rin

Rin is a Virtual Singer known for performing alongside her counterpart Len. She’s cute and energetic, filling the younger sister role in Sekai. She first appeared in Stage Sekai as an idol alongside Miku, who she looks up to in every way.

Project Sekai cards: Kagamine Len in his birthday outfit.

Kagamine Len

Len is a Virtual Singer known for performing alongside his counterpart Rin. His personality is similar to Rin’s, which is possibly why they bicker so much! He first appeared in Street Sekai as DJ Len to assist Miku and Meiko in running the cafe.

Project Sekai characters: Megurine Luka's birthday art.

Megurine Luka

Luka is a bilingual Virtual Singer who appears in School Sekai as Miku’s bandmate and senpai. She plays the bass normally but can play all instruments. She appeared to help the girls of Leo/need reconcile their friendship.


Project Sekai characters: Ichika playing a blue electric guitar.

Hoshino Ichika

Ichika is a first-year at Miyamasuzaka Girls’ Academy and the guitarist, lead vocalist, and lyricist for Leo/need. She formed the band with her childhood friends after they had lost touch in middle school. She was the first member of School Sekai, and is a massive Miku fan.

Project Sekai characters: Saki in her Leo/need uniform playing her synth in a classroom.

Tenma Saki

Saki is Leo/need’s composer and keyboard/synth player. She is bubbly and energetic with a desire to live high school life to the fullest. She was in hospital for the majority of middle school so she wants to catch up on all the things she missed out on.

Project Sekai characters: Shiho in her Leo/need uniform playing her bass guitar in a classroom.

Hinomori Shiho

Shiho is Leo/need’s stern-faced bassist. She works part-time at a live house, sometimes subbing in for other bassists in professional bands. She dreams of going pro, which is why she was reluctant to join the band until she was sure the girls were committed to her dream.

Project Sekai characters: Honami in her Leo/need uniform playing her drums in a classroom.

Mochizuki Honami

Honami is Leo/need’s drummer and final member. She’s shy and conflict-averse, prone to pleasing people to avoid being picked on. Her fear of reconnecting with Shiho in high school is a big part of the girls drifting apart, but the power of friendship brings them back together.

More More Jump!

Project Sekai characters: Minori in her MMJ uniform on stage singing. A sea of orange lightsticks are in the audience behind her.

Hanasato Minori

Minori is a first-year at Miyamasuzaka Girls’ Academy and a member of the idol group More More Jump! (MMJ). She’s an aspiring idol who was inspired by Haruka Kiritani from Asrun. Despite failing over 50 auditions, she never gave up. She was the first member of Stage Sekai and formed MMJ.

Project Sekai characters: Haruka in her MMJ uniform singing on stage. These is a sea of blue lightsticks in the audience behind her.

Kiritani Haruka

Haruka used to be a famous idol and the most popular member of Asrun, but quit after a falling out and returned to Miyamasuzaka Girls’ Academy as a regular first-year student. She was initially hesitant to join MMJ but a performance from Minori and her fellow members changed her mind.

Project Sekai characters: Airi in her MMJ uniform on stage doing a peace sign. The stage lights are behind her in pink.

Momoi Airi

Airi is a second-year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls’ Academy and a former idol. She was a member of the group QT but quit after her agency tried to move her into TV work. She’s close friends with her former rival Shizuku and joined MMJ after seeing Minori’s determination.

Project Sekai characters: Shizuku on stage in her MMJ uniform posing. Teal clover lights are behind her.

Hinomori Shizuku

Shizuku is a second-year alongside Airi and the fourth member of MMJ. She was formerly an idol in the group Cheerful*Days, but left due to rising tensions between members. Minori and Airi gave her hope to be an idol again and she joined MMJ.

Vivid Bad Squad

Project Sekai characters: Kohane in her VBS outfit standing on stage, illuminated from behind by pink light.

Azusawa Kohane

Kohane is a first-year at Miyamasuzaka Girls’ Academy and a street music performer. She first started in a duo with An known as the Vivids after hearing her jamming in the Weekend Garage. She was the first member of Street Sekai, formed of the collective drive of the Vivids and a rival duo the Bad Dogs.

Project Sekai characters: An standing on stage in her VBS outfit holding a microphone, illuminated by blue light from behind.

Shiraishi An

An is a first-year at Kamiyama High School and the daughter of former musician Shiraishi Ken. She works part-time at his live cafe Weekend Garage, where she met Kohane. She dreams of surpassing the legendary Rad Weekend event her dad put on.

Project Sekai characters: Akito posing in his VBS outfit in front of orange lights.

Shinonome Akito

Akito is a first-year at Kamiyama High School. He threw himself into street music after quitting football, and dreams of surpassing Rad Weekend just like An. He formed the Bad Dogs with Toya and later merged with the Vivids to form Vivid Bad Squad.

Project Sekai characters: Toya in his VBS outfit posing on stage whilst singing, illuminated by blue light.

Aoyagi Toya

Toya is a first-year at Kamiyama High School and a classically trained musician. His famous father forced him to learn piano and violin, leading to Toya hating him. He formed the Bad Dogs with Akito after meeting him singing in the street, and then merged the group into Vivid Bad Squad.

Wonderlands x Showtime

Project Sekai characters: Tsukasa in his WxS uniform waving a blue flag amongst colourful plushies and balloons.

Tenma Tsukasa

Tsukasa is a second-year at Kamiyama High School who dreams of becoming a star. He was the first member of the Wonderlands Sekai and is the troupe leader for the Wonder Stage at Phoenix Wonderland. He spent a lot of his childhood worrying about his younger sister, Saki, and wants to perform to make her smile.

Project Sekai characters: Emu wearing her WxS uniform whilst surrounded by pink and orange balloons. In the background you can see that she is holding Nene's hand.

Otori Emu

Emu is a first-year at Miyamasuzaka Girls’ Academy and the daughter of the owners of Phoenix Wonderland. She hires the rest of the Wonderlands x Showtime members to help her restore her late grandfather’s favorite stage, the Wonder Stage, to its former glory.

Project Sekai characters: Nene in her WxS uniform posing on stage surrounded by balloons.

Kusanagi Nene

Nene is a first-year at Kamiyama High School and a shy but talented singer. She dreams of becoming an actress but suffers from stage fright. Her neighbor and groupmate, Rui, encouraged her to join Wonderlands x Showtime and the group helped her regain her confidence.

Project Sekai characters: Rui in his WxS uniform twirling bowling pins and surrounded by confetti.

Kamishiro Rui

Rui is a second-year student at Kamiyama High School and Nene’s neighbor. He’s an actor and stage director for Wonderlands x Showtime, and is a skilled inventor of animatronics and drones for their shows. He also built Robo-Nene, a robot for Nene to sing through when she had stage fright.

25-ji, Nightcord de. (Niigo)

Project Sekai characters: Kanade in her Niigo outfit standing in the Empty Sekai, looking over her shoulder.

Yoisaki Kanade

Kanade is a second-year student taking online classes. She’s a talented music producer and composer but blames herself for her composer father’s hospitalization, and has developed a savior complex. She’s the first member of Empty Sekai and writes all of Niigo’s music.

Project Sekai characters: A close up of Mafuyu standing in the Empty Sekai in her Niigo outfit. her eyes dark.

Asahina Mafuyu

Mafuyu is a second-year honor student at Miyamasuzaka Girls’ Academy. She excels in academics and sports due to her parents’ pressure but has lost all sense of self. She’s Niigo’s lyricist, having previously made music under the name Own to try and find her true self.

Project Sekai characters: Ena sat on the floor in Empty Sekai in her Niigo outfit, surrounded by illustrations.

Shinonome Ena

Ena is a second-year night school student at Kamiyama High School and is Niigo’s illustrator. Her artist father doesn’t believe that she has what it takes to become a professional artist, and Ena frequently complains that her selfies get more attention on social media than her art.

Project Sekai characters: Mizuki lying on a reflective surface in Empty Sekai in their Niigo outfit.

Akiyama Mizuki

Mizuki is a first-year at Kamiyama High School but rarely attends as the other students treat them negatively for dressing cutely. They’re an animator and video editor and joined Niigo after animating an MV for one of Kanade’s songs. They keep a big secret from the rest of their group. Their gender is currently unknown, but they’re commonly headcanoned as nonbinary or transfeminine.

There you have it, a complete guide to every main Project Sekai character. Why not check out our list of the best anime games on Switch and mobile?