Project Sekai events

Prepare your tapping fingers, we’re taking a look at the Project Sekai events schedule! Expect heartwarming stories, new cards, and free stuff

Project Sekai events: Kanade sat in empty sekai with her grey hair flowing around her. She is wearing a black dress and looking towards the viewer.

Whether it’s new Gacha banners you’re after or more backstories for your faves, our Project Sekai events guide is the place to be if you want to stay up to date with all the fun events going on in Sekai. 

That being said, the Project Sekai event schedule changes practically every week, so you’ll want to make sure you bookmark this page to come back to later! If you’re new to Project Sekai or just want to learn more about your faves, check out our handy Project Sekai cards guide and Project Sekai characters guide to help you know who you want to pull for on the upcoming Gacha banners.

Now, let’s get into the current Project Sekai events.

Current Project Sekai events

These are all of the events happening in the EN version of Project Sekai right now, so make sure you log on to take part. Some of this content is limited, so get it before it goes!

Project Sekai events: The event banner for Someday, From the Depths of Despair, featuring Kanade sat at her computer, taking her headphones off.

Someday, From the Depths of Despair event

January 21 – January 29

Kanade realizes that quite a few months had passed since she had first gotten to know Mafuyu. When she mentiones about this on Nightcord, she then get asked about how the two of them met.

Participate in Shows to earn Event Points to unlock the story and redeem cards and items. Increase the number of Event Points you receive by using cards with the Pure attribute, and from the 25-ji, Nightcord de. subgroup.

An After Show is available to watch after the event ends on January 19. You can redeem 300 Crystals and a Kanade stamp for participating.

Project Sekai events: Kanade sat in empty sekai with her grey hair flowing around her. She is wearing a black dress and looking towards the viewer.

An Overture That Echoes in The Silence gacha

January 21 – January 31

This Gacha features three new four-star Niigo cards, all with the Pure attribute.

  • (Faintly Glowing Elpis) Yoisaki Kanade – comes with the Reminiscence Gothic costume
  • (Elpis From the Depths of Despair) Asahina Mafuyu – comes with the Dim Light Gothic costume
  • (After Parties That Became A Regular Thing) Akiyama Mizuki – comes with the Not Lost Gothic costume

Project Sekai events: 4 million player login campaign graphic featuring Miku and Rin.

Four million players login campaign

January 18 – February 4

To celebrate four million players on the worldwide server, SEGA is holding a login campaign where you can get up to 800 crystals for free, just by playing the game daily between the start and end dates.

Project Sekai events: Saki eating chocolate in a romantic cafe.

Potential upcoming Project Sekai events

As the Japanese release of Project Sekai is about a year ahead of the EN server, we can speculate which events might be coming soon based on their release schedule. That being said, here are some of the events that we might see soon.

  • Mafuyu birthday gacha and show
  • Secret Operation Valentine’s Day event

And that’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Project Sekai events. Be sure to check back here regularly to keep up to date. If you like mobile games, why not check out our Pokémon Go Community Day guide?