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Win a chicken dinner while looking fabulous in the PUBG Mobile Julien Fournié collection

The PUBG Mobile Julien Fournié collection includes two new outfits, and skins for your parachutes and grenades. Forget the devil, today, you wear Prada (kinda)

Two bright PUBG Mobile outfits

At Pocket Tactics, we’re firm believers that winning isn’t good enough. You need to look fabulous while you’re at it, and evidently, the good people at PUBG Mobile feel the same way. You see, the battle royale behemoth has partnered with French fashion designer Julien Fournié, with the new fashion line debuting as part of Paris Haute Couture Week 2022.

The PUBG Mobile Julien Fournié collaboration features two new high fashion outfits, with the First Love Collection having one silhouette for man and one silhouette for woman. For those unfamiliar with the fashion mogul’s work, he specialises in haute couture, a type of fashion that embraces authenticity, innovation, exclusivity, and, of course, creativity.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Julien Fournié has teamed up with PUBG Mobile, as the pair had an initial collaboration in 2021. However, this is the first time all you PUBG fans can sport in-game fashion wear that was part of a real-life show. Oh, and if you want your grenade to have an extra bit of flair, good news, as there’s a First Love grenade and First Love parachute to go alongside the silhouette outfits.

“It has been a great joy for me to create these silhouettes in our Haute Couture workshop, especially for PUBG Mobile, and to collaborate with this great team to make them in 3D so that players can use them in this incredible game,” Julien Fournié says.

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When are the PUBG Mobile Julien Fournié outfits available?

The short answer is, right now. You can get out there and win a chicken dinner in spectacular fashion.

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