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How to get and use PUBG Mobile name symbols

Give yourself an impressive title to go along with that k/d with our PUBG Mobile name symbols guide

PUBG Mobile is easily one of the defining battle royale titles on mobile devices, with over 100 million downloads on Android alone. If you’re thinking of diving in, or even if you fancy giving one of your favourite characters a new lick of paint, you might want to come up with a name that stands out from the crowd and captures your opponents’ attention. After all, if you’re gunning for victory you may as well do it in style, right?

You’re in luck – we’ve had a look around for PUBG Mobile name symbols, and we’ve broken down how you can use them to come up with unique name tags. Now you can show off your cool name and your k/d ratio.

Read on to find out where to source name symbols and how to use them. To stay up to date on PUBG Mobile news, we have you covered – you can read our breakdown of PUBG Mobile season 17, learn how to get into the PUBG Mobile beta, or discover what to do if you encounter PUBG Mobile hacks.

Although there are lots of websites online that offer PUBG symbols to copy and paste, many allow users to copy hateful symbols and we won’t be linking to them in this guide. Instead, for the Android version of PUBG Mobile, we used an Android app called ‘Fancy Text Symbols’, which you can download from Google Play.

Here, you can go to the app’s ‘Generator’ tab and look for interesting symbols to copy onto your phone’s clipboard. Once you’ve done that, go to PUBG Mobile. If it’s a brand new account, you can paste these symbols directly into the “Nickname” bar at the bottom right of the screen. If you are a seasoned veteran looking to change your character’s name, you can go to your inventory and use a Rename Card to do so.

Inputting symbols is, admittedly, a process of trial and error, as PUBG Mobile doesn’t accept all symbols. Still, with some patience, you can have some nice results.

Additionally, you can use the flexible online tool Fancy Text Guru to type names in and get a wealth of interesting font and symbol options. Again, pasting these into PUBG Mobile is a process of trial and error, but if you find a font that works, like ‘Diametric angle frame’ for example, it takes lots of the hassle away.

So go experiment and see what you can come up with!