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Grab a ferocious new LMG in the PUBG: New State March update

The PUBG: New State March update is here, and it brings a wealth of new content with it, including a new LMG, character, and Survivor Pass

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One of the best things about mobile games is that updates are frequent, meaning you have plenty of fresh content to keep you busy, and it’s that time again for PUBG: New State players as the March update is here. Of course, it comes armed with new weapons, a survivor pass, and gameplay changes.

As part of the PUBG: New State March update, you can get the MG3 – a light machine gun that holds 75 rounds per clip. This gun spawns on all maps, and is a great way to suppress the opposition. Nobody is going to run at you if you’ve got bullets flying in all directions. Furthermore, the default fire rate for the MG3 is 990RPM, which allows it to deal more DPS damage than any other weapon.

Of course, there are more goodies for you to grab in the new Survivor Pass. Such rewards include Cynthia Song of Project Justice, and if you complete all of her associated story missions, you can get more costumes for her. Should you upgrade to the Premium Pass, you could even grab the shadow assassin costume.

It’s also time to say goodbye to season one, as the New State March update kicks off season two, and, as ever, there are plenty of rewards for you to earn.

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When is the PUBG: New State March update?

The update is out now. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, kick some butt, and win a chicken dinner.

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