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Ready your riding gear for the Red Dead Redemption Switch release date

Rockstar has announced the Red Dead Redemption Switch release date, pleasantly surprising us with a trip back to the old west with John Marston.

Red Dead Redemption Switch release date: The main character sat on his horse, pointing a gun at something in the distance. The sky is blue and there is a rock pillar in the background

Nintendo and Rockstar have surprised us all by announcing the Red Dead Redemption Switch release date today. If you’re unfamiliar with Red Dead Redemption, let’s just say that this one’s a little different from most other horse games on the Nintendo console.

This news isn’t entirely out of the blue, as fans of the franchise have been speculating on a Red Dead Redemption remaster for a while now. However, this release is neither a remake nor a remaster – it’s simply a port of the original game to the Nintendo Switch and the PS4. Nintendo announced the news today via Twitter and also confirmed that a physical release is on the way soon.

Red Dead Redemption is a critically-acclaimed action-adventure game set in the old west. You play as former outlaw John Marston, following him as he hunts down a band of criminals he once called friends in order to protect his family. This release of the game also includes Undead Nightmare, a post-apocalyptic game mode that turns the familiar landscape of Red Dead Redemption into a survival horror experience where you must fight off zombie hordes.

When is the Red Dead Redemption release date?

Red Dead Redemption drops on the Nintendo eShop on August 17, 2023. A physical edition is in the works too, billed for October 13, 2023. Prepare your pre-orders, partners!

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