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The best horse games for 2024

Our list of the best horse games on Switch and mobile features high-speed horse racing and relaxing while feeding fillys on the farm.

Horse games - four riders on horseback running together

What are the best horse games? Whether you’re just looking to brush a magnificent mane or want to build an equestrian empire, these games are a great place to start. They’re probably the only way you can spend time with some fabulous fillies without having to empty your pockets or volunteering to clear out the stables, and there’s no risk of a back-breaking kick if you stop paying attention for two seconds. 

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Here are the best horse games:

Promo art for Horse Riding Tales: Wild Pony with a collection of horses of different colours on screen

Horse Riding Tales: Wild Pony – mobile

The most all-encompassing horse riding experience on mobile, Horse Riding Tales: Wild Pony has a lot to offer. From show jumping and dressage competitions to test you and your horse’s skills, to casual cooperative rides through rural locations, there’s never a shortage of equestrian activities in Horse Riding tales.

Better still, there are over ninety different breeds of horse to tame and collect in this title, so you can find a filly that suits your style.

Screenshot of Link riding a horse in Tears of the Kingdom for best horse games guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Switch

Link’s back, and guess what? Horses are too! Explore Hyrule on horseback as you’ve never seen it before in Tears of the Kingdom. Sure, your horse can’t fly up to the sky islands, but in terms of getting around Hyrule on the ground, there’s no better way than riding a horse. As with BotW, there are some special horses to look out for too, so many in fact that you can feel like you’re own stable owner! So, if you’re looking for adventure on our list of the best horse games, look neigh further.

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Stardew Valley – Switch and mobile

Any list I can include Stardew Valley in I will, and guess what? You can get a horse in Stardew Valley. If you haven’t played Stardew by now, I really don’t know what I could say to convince you, but the horse only arrived as part of a post-launch content update, so if you haven’t returned to Pelican Town in a while it might be worth the trip for your new four-legged friend. The horse can also wear hats, so, do you really need any more convincing?

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Cover art for Rival Stars Horse Racing with a winning horse being celebrated by an event runner

Rival Stars Horse Racing – mobile

If you’re more into horse racing than show jumps or dressage, Rival Stars Horse Racing is the most comprehensive fastest filly-first simulator on mobile. With surprisingly crisp graphics for the limitations of mobile hardware, this life sim meets racer has a selection of beautiful racecourses for you to fly across with your preferred stallion.

When not racing, you can manage and improve your scenic ranch, and live the lavish life of a horse breeder. It’s more lavish than it sounds, honestly.

Cover art for Horse Club Adventures with the four starring ladies on horseback headed away from the sun

Horse Club Adventures – Switch

Want to be a happy horse rider? Take yourself down to Lakeside Riding Stable with Hannah, Sarah, Lisa, and Sofia, and get riding, brushing, and scooping in Horse Club Adventures.

Admittedly, this one is more suited to younger audiences still trying to get to grips with equestrianism, but the game serves as a perfect introduction to many concepts that new riders need to get their head around before jumping into the saddle.

Image of two people on horseback looking over a ravine on the Star Stable cover for Horse games article

Star Stable – mobile

With fifteen breeds of fine foals on offer in Star Stable, there are few better ways to experience running your own horse farm without having to carry the muck away yourself.

This free-to-play sim is a great way to introduce younger audiences to the world of horses before making the leap into the saddle. Better still, you can pick up some in-game freebies with our list of Star Stable codes.

Cover art for Stakes Winner 2 with horses racing across the screen

ACA NeoGeo Stakes Winner 2 – Switch

If you’re looking to roll back the years with an arcade horse racing title, ACA NeoGeo Stakes Winner 2 is a classic that it’s hard to say neigh to. Despite only including twelve different horses to ride, this retro experience dials down the horse racing experience to make it both easy to pick up and surprisingly dynamic for a title of its age.

If you’ve got a horse racing fan coming to your next retro gaming night, this is the game for you.

Cover art for Goat Simulator with the famous goat looking down the lens of the camera

Goat Simulator + – Apple Arcade

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking, “this isn’t a goat games list”. Well, hold your, uh, horses, because you can technically play as a filly in this iconic genre-bending physics game.

Sure, you might be a jousting goat riding a horse, but that’s a horse nonetheless, and the goat’s jousting pole makes attacking unsuspecting civilians and flinging their ragdoll bodies through the air that little bit more fun.

Link on horseback

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch

There are two primary ways of getting yourself around the massive map of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you start your journey from a high point, you can float across the land with ease, but if you’re starting from the ground, then you’re going to need your trusty horse.

With Red Dead Redemption 2 presumably never coming to Switch, this is the closest you’re going to get to exploring a new frontier on horseback, and the final boss level demands horse riding, so it deserves to make the list. Make sure you check out our Breath of the Wild review for more of our thoughts.

With that, we’ve officially run out of horse games to recommend (at least, until Pippa Funnel: Secrets of the Ranch sees a revival – Tilly still lives in hope). However, if you want to swap out the filly for a fast motor, we can point you in the direction of the best mobile racing games and the best Switch racing games to test your inner speedometer.