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Retro Studios teases more Metroid with a Twitter update

Retro Studios teases the gaming world with a simple silhouette, and causes a whole lot of hype for Metroid Prime 4

Custom image of Samus and the screenshot from the Retro Studios page

The hype train and rumour mill have gone into overdrive after Retro Studios, developer of the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4, updated their header image to include a certain alien-blasting icon. Of course, it’s only a little thing, but after months of silence, it seems it can only be good news that Samus’ silhouette is now sitting pretty at the top of the Retro Studios Twitter page. Now, could we have a trailer, please? 

Despite the Retro Studios Metroid tease, we still have little information to go off about a release date, but at this point, we’ll take anything we can get. We got the last official update with 2021’s E3 Nintendo Direct, when the company revealed that the game is still in the thralls of development, before announcing Metroid Dread.

While Nintendo and Retro have been less than forthcoming about the development of Metroid Prime 4, some internet sleuths have been able to figure out aspects of the game’s production by finding job applications specific to the title. It’s also possible we’ll get to re-live the first game before a new title, with industry insiders reporting late last year that a Metroid Prime remaster is close to completing development.

Following the massive success of Metroid Dread last year, it’s no surprise that Nintendo, and Retro Studios, want to keep the rocket-powered momentum going by slowly drip-feeding us with teases and new information. All we hope is that it’s not another four years before we finally see Metroid Prime 4, but we’d be happy to take a remaster of the original while we wait. It doesn’t hurt to hone your blasting skills, after all. 

As you’d expect, we have a page detailing everything we know about a Metroid Prime 4 release date so far, and we’ll keep updating that with any more information that Retro Studios care to share. We’ll also keep tabs on a release date for the heavily rumoured, but still not officially announced, Metroid Prime remaster. If you still haven’t played Samus’ celebrated return to 2D, be sure to check out our Metroid Dread review to see what you’ve been missing.