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Upcoming magical RPG brings Neo The World Ends With You back to Switch

NIS America announced Reynatis is coming to Switch this year, bringing a collaboration with a beloved Square Enix title with it.

Reynatis release date - two characters standing back to back wearing black and white clothing

Are you ready for a new adventure into a magical RPG? Then Reynatis is for you, and it comes to Nintendo Switch later this year. You’ve definitely heard of NIS before even if you don’t recognize the name – it’s the studio behind Disgaea, GrimGrimoire, and the Yomawari series, among countless others.

The latest title Reynatis is a JRPG on Switch, and it promises a good time with its vibrant city setting and in-depth combat system. The game is set to release on September 27, 2024, so there’s not too long to wait before you can jump right in, with the limited and deluxe editions of the game available to pre-order right now on the NIS store.

Reynatis is an urban fantasy RPG, set in Shibuya, Tokyo – the classic premise for some of our favorite games like Persona 5 and Neo: The World Ends With You. Remember that name, we’re coming back to it.

Magic exists in this world, and on your path, you meet a wizard named Marin who is on a mission to gain power, and Sari – an officer working toward regulating the use of magic to keep everything running smoothly. As you can expect, when the two meet, things go a little south.

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While we’re very excited by the look of Reynatis, we’re not quite sure where the collaboration with Square Enix’s Neo: The World Ends With You comes from. Characters like the main man Rindo, places, and even enemies from Neo feature in Reynatis… for some reason. Is it because they’re both based in Shibuya? Either way, it’s an intriguing thing to add and to be honest, grabs my attention even more.

Whatever the reasoning, Reynatis will fit very well on the Switch. You can check out some other new games on Switch to fill up the rest of the year or use these Honkai Star Rail codes for a head start in Hoyoverse’s epic game.