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Celebrate the Rise of Firstborn fourth-anniversary with some events

The Rise of Firstborn fourth-anniversary is here, and there’s so many events to sink your teeth into that you’re bound to get plenty of goodies

Bowser's angry cousin

There’s nothing like the birthday celebrations of a mobile game, and Rise of Fistborn’s fourth-anniversary festivities is a prime example of why. There’s a range of live events coming to the game, as well as a content update known as Night Queens Defense, which happens to follow on from the last major update.

As part of the Rise of Firstborn fourth-anniversary and Rise of Firstborn Night Queens Defense update, you can grab yourself new legendary weapons and armour, and it’s fair to say the gear, dubbed ‘overwhelm’, is a must-have, especially if you’re after something with strong defensive capabilities. Furthermore, it can give a boost to every type of troop, unlike other sets that only aid a specific type.

Speaking of defence, thanks to new research, the kingdom now has new construction and medical techniques, which means you can improve the infrastructure of the barracks and hospitals. If you increase their levels, the healing capability and defensive prowess of these buildings goes up.

Oh, and if you happen to be after some coin to make adjustments to your kingdom, you’d best pay a visit to Elijah, a new trader that’s happy to purchase your leftover materials in exchange for currency.

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When do the Rise of Firstborn’s fourth-anniversary events begin?

The events run all throughout May, with a different one each week, and they’re as follows:

  • Week one – chests for completion of domination, alliance war, and invasion
  • Week two – all rewards from the deathmatch and battle royale game modes increases
  • Week three – a new login event begins, and a new monster pops up
  • Week four – you’ve got the chance to get event chests from trade ships and random card events.

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