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Roblox games will be ad-free for under 13s thanks to policy change

The platform is taking steps to protect children who play Roblox games from seeing predatory advertisements with this blanket ban for those under 13 years old.

Roblox games advertising: A brown-haired Roblox avatar peeking out from inside a giant white mug. He and the mug are outlined in white and pasted on a slightly blurred background of various Roblox characters.

Advertisements in and around Roblox games have come under fire in the past, and after continued pressure from Truth in Advertising (TINA), the platform now hides all ads from users under the age of 13. As many parents are unaware of Roblox’s parental control features, this blanket ban aims to protect the game’s young user base from harm.

As well as introducing this blanket ban, Roblox has added even more restrictions to its advertising guidelines to further safeguard its users from exploitation. These changes prohibit advertising multi level marketing schemes, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, financial services, and insect body parts on top of the existing list of banned subject matter.

It is refreshing to see that 17 years after its initial release, Roblox’s developers are still actively working on making the game a safe and enjoyable experience for its users. You can also see the development team’s commitment to safeguarding in the introduction of an age rating system for Roblox experiences to protect children from explicit content.

This change is likely going to affect Roblox’s ad revenue but we doubt the platform is going away any time soon, especially with its plans to introduce generative AI tools to help Roblox game developers create even more unique user-generated content.

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