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The best Roblox gifts and toys

From figures, to clothing, and even books, we look at some of the very best Roblox gifts and toys

A selection of Roblox toys and gifts centred around a black hoodie with Roblox characters on it.

A fun racing game, a cute adoption simulator, a first person shooter that gives you a taste of the harrowing experiences of soldiers on the front line: the best thing about Roblox is that it can be anything. So, just as you’d expect, the world of Roblox gifts and toys contains a huge variety of products to match, from figures, to clothing, and even books.

So, if you or someone you know can’t get enough of this community-driven sandbox, great news: we’ve gathered together some of the very finest pieces of Roblox goodies for you to bring your favourite worlds to life.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for a passionate Roblox player or you’re just after for a special treat for yourself, there are some great things in this article which we’re sure you’re going to love. If you want to upgrade your on-the-go game time, check out our guide to the best portable gaming consoles or best gaming phones to find the best of the best.

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Nub’s Adventures: The Great Jailbreak

Who’s been told before, “You play too many video games, why don’t you read a book instead?”. Well, with this book, you can do just that, but while still scratching that Roblox itch. This short story has been described by one Amazon reviewer as “the best book ever”, which is pretty high praise. Whether or not it gets the full literary analysis treatment and achieves true classic status remains to be seen, but you can get your own copy right now in paperback or Kindle form.

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Roblox Collector’s tool box

Part of the fun of Roblox has always been creating your own unique character, and the Roblox Collector’s Tool Box gives you the ability to make your own character in the real world. It can hold up to 32 characters, so if you wanted to invest in some of the other sets of figures, you’d have a great place to store them all together. On top of that, it also comes with an exclusive virtual item for you to use in-game.

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Roblox Nerf Gun

Nerf are famous for their toy guns. Some of the best Roblox games are shooters (like Bad Business). Nerf has already partnered with Fortnite and Overwatch to create special new guns, so Roblox Nerf Guns were an obvious next step. They come in pairs and contain ten darts, so the next time you and a friend need to settle your differences with a duel, there’s now a safer, violence-free way of doing so which is way more fun than rock paper scissors.

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Roblox Piggy Plush

Sometimes we all wake up in the middle of night, screaming uncontrollably. For some of us that’s because we’ve had nightmares about Piggy chasing us down with a baseball bat, keen to add us to her ever growing-list of murder victims. So you know what would be great? A cute Piggy plush! This adorable thing is great for cuddling on cold nights. She’s so soft and sweet that you’ll soon forget all the times she murdered you. An icon of survival horror immortalised in the most quirky way.

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Roblox Face Mug

Imagine: it’s a cold winter’s night and you’re just getting home after a long day at school/work/your lucrative side hustle. You’re stressed. You just want to relax. You open the front door and are enveloped by the warm air inside. You’re greeted by your friend/family member/cat as they hand you a warm mug of cocoa. It’s just what you needed. After taking your first sip, you discover it’s already cooled to the perfect temperature. As you fall into your favourite spot on the sofa, the stresses of the day have now passed and you are feeling comfortable and happy. You let out a long breath and smile to yourself – then you see that you’re drinking from a Roblox-inspired face mug! You smile at the beloved video game icon who is smiling back at you. Life is good.

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Roblox Guide to Success

Robux make the world go round. Who hasn’t wished that they had just a little more so that they could buy that cool avatar accessory, or just get their hands on more game passes? But what’s the best way to earn Robux? How does one accumulate more wealth? Well, the answers to those questions are tucked away inside this book. Forget reading about the secrets of life and death, these are the secrets of Roblox.

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Roblox Gift Card

Ah – the classic gift choice. Why risk buying something for somebody that they might not like, when you can give them the power to choose for themselves? This Roblox gift card will give players a sizeable sum of Robux to spend on whatever they like, be it exclusive gear, or brand new game passes (and it also comes with an exclusive virtual item for them to discover in game). Everyone loves a gift card, right?