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Take a (short) trip down memory lane for the Roblox Classic event

The Classic Roblox event heralds the triumphant return of fan-favorites like Bed Wars and Tower Defense Simulator, but how far back in time are we really going?

Characters from Bedwars, Toilet Tower Defense, Adopt Me, and Restaurant Tycoon 2 on a blue background

Everyone’s favorite blocky masterpiece is gearing up to present Roblox The Classic, a brand-new event that’s due to bring back some familiar and much-loved titles, in a perfectly cubey hit of pure nostalgia. Looking back on fond memories of simpler mechanics and chunky visuals, we’re as excited as everyone else at the prospect of playing some old-school Roblox like the good ol’ days.

The Classic event will take place on May 23, 2024, which was confirmed in an official Twitter post from the game’s social media page. The teaser trailer unveiled several easter eggs that hint to what we can expect from The Classic event, but fans on Twitter have already started to question the line-up of games.

Because, what exactly does ‘classic’ mean? With the roster featuring games such as Blade Ball and Toilet Tower Defense, both of which are less than a year old, and even the ‘older’ titles like Livetopia, that are only a couple of years young, where exactly does ‘classic’ come into it? Sure, Adopt Me! is fast approaching its tenth birthday, but there’s a far bigger reason as to why it’s featured in the new event – it’s one of the most popular titles on the platform.

We can understand why fans are questioning some of the choices Roblox is making with its events, considering how the last one, The Hunt, went down like a lead balloon. With other huge gaming franchises like Fortnite finding huge success with the likes of Fortnite OG, it’s understandable that Roblox wants to get a piece of the nostalgia pie. But the list of featured experiences in the Classic event makes us question just how tasty that pie is going to be.

Roblox Classic event screenshot with release date

Here’s the speculated list of featured games in the Roblox Classic Event:

  • Adopt Me
  • Restaurant Tycoon 2
  • Blade Ball
  • Livetopia
  • Tower Defense Simulator
  • Bedwars
  • Gunfight Arena
  • Toilet Tower Defense

We say all of this with a hefty pinch of salt between our blocky fingers, however, because we’re still super excited to check out exactly what’s on offer in the new Roblox event. Despite our misgivings, and like the majority of the Roblox player base, we’ll be front and center regardless. We’d have loved to see the likes of Jailbreak or The Strongest Battlegrounds featured, but some of these older and much-loved experiences aren’t even being updated any longer, and so it stands to reason that Roblox at least wants to deliver actively playable titles.

If you’re after some freebies while you countdown to the Classic event, we have a full list of Roblox game codes for you, and, if you want to dive back into the proverbial toilet bowls of old, we also have a list of the best toilet games to play. We’re already hunting for our best pajamas to wear when we boot up Bedwars again.