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The best toilet games in 2024

When nature calls, you’ve gotta answer - so here are the best toilet games to play while you’re spending precious time on the loo.

toilet games: Honkai Star Rail's Luka in front of a toilet

Toilet games – you know, the ones you play to kill time in the bathroom? My journalistic integrity may have gone down the u-bend with this one, but oh well. It’s a big part of life. From Honkai Star Rail’s teleporting toilet to Animal Crossing New Horizon’s – shall we say – fruit dispensary, toilets are all around us even in our favorite games, so let’s embrace the movement and look at the best games to play on the toilet, on mobile (and Switch if you’re feeling risque).

Looking to bolster your builds? Here are the latest Honkai Star Rail codes, IQ Wars Simulator codes, Coin Master free spins, and to keep it on theme, some Toilet Tower Defense codes to provide XP where you most need it.

Now, let’s drop into the best toilet games.

toilet games Marvel Snap: three heroes in comic style surrounded by flaming wings

Marvel Snap

Ben Brode created Marvel Snap as a toilet game. No, come back, hear me out. He recalls in an interview with The Washington Post that a friend’s legs had fallen asleep as he played Hearthstone on the toilet, and when he stood up, he fell and broke his leg. This led to him creating Marvel Snap, where each game is significantly shorter – allowing people to safely play without the prospect of broken limbs.

Anyway, Marvel Snap is an incredibly popular card battler on iOS and Android, where you can build decks of your favorite Marvel heroes to smite the competition. Check out our picks of the best Marvel Snap decks and what this month’s Marvel Snap season pass holds.

toilet games Honkai Star Rail - Blade holding his sword in an outside area

Honkai Star Rail

Requiring less handiwork than its open-world counterpart Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail is a blessing for us on the bog. You can set your team to do auto battle and each fight you choose only lasts a few minutes, then you’re back to running around different planets.

Check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list to see who you should focus on while you’re here. Or, check out the latest Honkai Star Rail codes and Honkai Star Rail update.

toilet games candy Crush: two screenshots of the game showing a level and a map

Candy Crush

The crunchy classic is here to stay on most of our devices as it provides seemingly endless levels filled with satisfying swapping of delectable candies. Seriously, it’s been over ten years and we’re still chipping away at it.

Crack out a quick session or play for as long as you can, the choice is yours. Don’t forget to flush when you’re done. We ranked all the best Candy Crush games, too – because there’s a lot, surprisingly.

toilet games Merge Mansion: grandma and Maddie looking at each other

Merge Mansion

Join Maddie and Ursula as you work through a dilapidated mansion, merging items and fixing it up as you go. You merge a wide range of items together to fill requirements and that’s all there is to it – but the simplicity is what makes it addictive. Plus, you run out of stamina in about five minutes, so it’s a perfect opportunity to play on the porcelain throne.

Sometimes you can get bogged down in granny’s garage – here’s how to make the pesky Merge Mansion mosaic and some Merge Mansion cheats to implement.

toilet games Pokémon Go: six pokemon going head to head in a battle

Pokémon Go

If you find yourself out in public, why not open up Pokémon Go and survey the nearby Pokéstops? You never know what you can find lurking in your local area, and it provides an excellent option for entertainment.

You could try to perform a Pokemon Go Eevee evolution, if you want, and use the best Pokémon Go maps to navigate, then work towards all the Pokémon Go level requirements.

toilet games Wordle - the word puzzle on a dark screen


Why not test your brain against the daily Wordle puzzle for a more ‘useful’ way to spend your time? There’s a brand new puzzle each day to challenge yourself with, free of charge.

Not sure what today’s answer is? We’ve got you – here’s the latest Wordle answers and some more word games to try, too.

toilet games Stardew valley: a bustling farm filled with animals and plants

Stardew Valley

Perhaps you’re in it for the long haul – I see all you gastrointestinally challenged gamers – and Stardew Valley can fill your time perfectly here. Open it up, play a day or two while planting parsnips and petting chickens – and then go about your business elsewhere.

Here’s our recent, reflective Stardew Valley review for your perusal, along with a guide to every Stardew Valley fish and how to play Stardew Valley co-op.

toilet games Duolingo: Duo the own standing in a room filled with furniture


Duolingo isn’t strictly a game, but it can be played as one if you try and speedrun it. Why not spend this precious time expanding your abilities and learning a new language? Just maybe avoid the speaking exercises.

If you like educational games, then grab some more off our list, or try these geography games too so you can pick a new country’s language to learn with Duo.


Gubbins is a moreish little slice of a puzzle game. It’s got zany graphics reminiscent of the Yellow Submarine’s video, and endless word possibilities to make.

There’s no time limit – you can take as long or as little as you want to make words from the available letters, but there are those pesky Gubbins getting in the way. Some can help, and some can hinder, but they’re there nonetheless. Gubbins has two free games available each day but is definitely worth the $5 for the full version. And there are no ads at all!

While you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs and deciding which game to download, check out our guides for some easy games, puzzle games, and games like Wordle for different experiences.