Roblox’s Friday Night Bloxxin’ discontinued after devs face doxxing

Popular Roblox experience Friday Night Bloxxin’ is officially discontinued after the development team faced online and physical harassment.

Roblox Friday Night Bloxxin' discontinued: Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin' outlined in white and pasted on a blurred screenshot of the FNB key art

Last night, the developer behind Roblox’s Friday Night Bloxxin’ confirmed that it was discontinued after several months of silence. The game ceased activity back in October but the developer has now clarified the situation and the reasons behind the game’s closure.

Friday Night Bloxxin’ (FNB) is a Roblox rhythm game based on the popular title Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF), an open-source 2020 game jam project from a small dev team based on Newgrounds. Its aesthetics are inspired by Newgrounds comics and 2000s flash games, while its gameplay riffs on Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper.

FNF’s open-source code has led to players creating hundreds of mods and faithfully recreating the game on other platforms like Roblox. FNB is one such recreation with over 160k likes on Roblox at the time of this announcement. Roblox RTC initially reported the game’s discontinuation as, “Allegedly, none of the developers want to be associated with the game due to threats from the community and other underlying factors.”

Twitter user @Phobom3ral shared screenshots of the official statement from developer Robo’s Local Pizza Hut that they posted on the game’s Discord server. The message reveals that the FNF community was “majorly responsible for arguably some of the most terrifying, harmful, and life-changing events to have ever happened in our lives.” Some of these events included instances of doxxing, swatting, harassment, stalking, and bomb threats.

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The developer also clarified that they don’t want to pass on ownership of the game to someone else as “I wouldn’t want anyone else to be in a position where they’d have their online and physical life in danger 24/7.” They went so far as to say that they “yearn for the day that both (FNF and Roblox FNF) trends fade out.”

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