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The Roblox Gucci Garden opens its virtual doors

Enter the Roblox Gucci Garden to create your own personalised look

A colourful garden

Roblox has opened the doors to the Gucci Garden, a virtual space that you can visit for the next two weeks. It is the latest collaboration between the popular game platform and the legendary fashion brand. The pair kicked off their partnership last year when the community was treated to rare Gucci-themed items.

The Roblox Gucci Garden, as detailed in a blog post, has opened in tandem with the house’s Gucci Garden Archetypes in Florence, Italy. The Italian exhibition features a variety of themed rooms, each one designed to offer a unique experience based upon different Gucci campaigns. The virtual collection has the same design as you traverse various spaces.

You start the Gucci Garden tour as a neutral mannequin, which “symbolizes that we all begin our journeys through life as a blank canvas.” Much like the real-life experience, you will find that each room has different offerings, some of which will be absorbed by your mannequin. The idea here is that each person will come out of the tour with a unique appearance.

Even among many people, this virtual experience will hopefully see you stand out among the crowd as a wholly unique being.

If you want to become a one-of-a-kind creation, you can take a tour of the Roblox Gucci Garden between May 17 and May 31. Furthermore, if you want a lasting souvenir of the experience, a store featuring limited-edition items will soon open for business.

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