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How to buy Robux

So, you want to know how to buy Robux? Sounds like somebody's after some cool Avatar items, or other bonuses. Well, with this simple guide, we have you covered

How to buy Robux - an excited Roblox man leaps through the air, delighted that he will soon have Robux to spend.

Want to know how to buy Robux? Well, don’t worry, my friend. It couldn’t be simpler. Before long, you’ll know how to swap your real bucks for Robux, and you’ll have a fortune to spend on accessories for your avatar, vehicles, weapons, and anything else your heart may desire, with maybe enough left over to buy your membership into the Builder’s Club.

Those who are wondering how to buy Robux should keep in mind that there are actually a couple of different methods of doing so. You can buy Robux in-game through Roblox itself, or you can buy Robux from retailers, such as Amazon, for example, and then redeem them with a code when you next play. Both methods are equally simple.

As it happens, we’ve got an overview of both methods of buying Robux, so however you want to do it, we’ve got you covered. Lucky you. Each method is relatively simple and we’ve broken them down, step by step, in a way that it should be easy enough for pretty much anybody to follow. Oof!

Anyway, let’s not dilly dally. You have places to go, games to play, and hats to wear. Here’s how to buy Robux.

How to buy Robux on Amazon

To start, we thought we’d look at the retailer method. We’re focusing on Amazon specifically here just because most people have Amazon accounts (and also because Amazon includes cool exclusive virtual items as bonuses), but the process is pretty much the same no matter who you buy them from. Anyway:

  • Go to the Robux product page.
  • Choose whether you want 800, 2,000, 4,500, or 10,000 Robux.
  • Purchase the Robux.
  • Go to ‘Your Account’.
  • Click ‘View Order Details’ next to the Robux on the list.
  • You will then find the code under ‘Redeem Your Item’
  • Highlight the code, right-click, and ‘Copy’
  • Login to your account on a browser
  • Visit the Code Redemption Page
  • Right-click and ‘Paste’ into the box
  • Click on ‘Redeem’

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be all set to start spending those big Robux. This method is also good if you want to give the gift of Robux to a friend or family member on a special occasion.

How to buy Robux directly

If you want to get your Robux straight from the source, then this is how you should do it:

  • Login to your Roblox account
  • Visit the Buy Robux page (or if you’re in the app, click ‘R$’)
  • Choose the amount that you want to add
  • Choose the payment method through which you wish to pay
  • Enter your payment details
  • Click ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Submit Order’ as appropriate (various factors can mean that you’ll see a different button, but both do the same thing)

Once you’ve done this, the Robux will be whisked into your account, ready for you to spend on fun and good times.

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