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Roblox Piggy - Peppa Pig inspired survival horror game

Everything you need to know about this scary Roblox Piggy game

A screenshot from the Roblox Piggy game

When you think of Roblox, you usually think of an imagination building, kid-friendly game. That is not quite the case with the survival horror style game, Roblox Piggy. MiniToon, IK3As, and Optikk created the game and were inspired by popular children’s cartoon, Peppa Pig, and the Swedish survival horror game Granny.

In Roblox Piggy, you can choose to play from a range of 12 maps and various different game modes, all of which revolve around fighting for your life against a family of murderous swine. The game has amassed over 200,000 players, and a special game mode with 100 Players and one Piggy was released to celebrate this momentous occasion. Piggy: book 2 was released on September 12, 2020.

Find out everything you need to know about Roblox Piggy in our guide. Are you new to the wondrous world of Roblox? Take a look at our Roblox shirt template and Roblox slender guides to get some creative inspiration. If you are a Roblox veteran, get your hands on some free Roblox promo codes.

Everything in our Roblox Piggy guide:

Art from the Roblox Piggy game

Roblox Piggy story:

In Roblox Piggy, you are a police officer investigating the disappearance of George Pig. When you arrive on the scene, you get knocked out by a mysterious pig and wake up in a bedroom you have never seen before. You must escape the room before you are tracked down and killed by the strange pig.

When you finally make your grand escape and return to the police station, you realise a monster has infiltrated the station, and only you and fellow officer Doggy remain. As you carry on through Roblox Piggy, you and Doggy manage to make your way to safety, and he suggests taking a rest. You oblige and find a safe place to sleep, awakening in the middle of the night to find Doggy gone.

As you continue on your journey to find George and Doggy, you encounter many strange characters, some friendly, some not so much. We recommend playing Roblox Piggy to find out how the story ends!

Roblox Piggy game modes:


  • In Player mode, a random player is selected to be the Roblox Piggy and must stop others from escaping by any means possible.


  • In Bot mode, a computer becomes the Roblox Piggy. The computer cannot use traps and will target the nearest player until the player is killed or someone else comes closer.

Player and Bot:

  • This mode combines Player and Bot modes. There will be two Roblox Piggies and one additional aggressive NPC.

Roblox Piggy party game modes:


  • In the Infection game mode, a player is randomly selected to be Roblox Piggy. Once the main Piggy kills another player, they join him in hunting other players. The game ends when all players escape, or all become Piggies.


  • In the Traitor game mode, the Roblox Piggy is a bot, and a random player is selected to be the traitor, who looks like all other players. The game ends when the traitor kills all of the other players or Piggy kills the traitor.


  • In Build mode, you can create your own map and invite other players to give it a go!

Roblox Piggy items:

There are many different items in Roblox Piggy, and you can only carry one at a time, swapping to the second if you attempt to pick up another. When you die, the item you were holding will go to the nearest spawn point. Check out all the common items below:

  • Wooden Planks:
    • Access blocked off areas of the map by placing down wooden planks
  • Hammer:
    • Use the hammer to remove wooded parts to reach new areas
  • Wrench:
    • The wrench activates electric panels and power generators. It can also be used to unlock certain doors
  • Keys:
    • Keys are used for opening locked doors or safes. The colour of the kill will correspond to the colour of the lock
  • Keycards:
    • Keycards are used to unlock areas with card scanners
  • Pistol:
    • The pistol can shoot Roblox Piggy and knock him out for 20 seconds. It requires ammo to use
  • Ammo:
    • Used in the pistol
  • Bone:
    • Doggy uses the bone as the main character would use the pistol
  • Carrot:
    • Bunny uses the carrot in chapters five and six, and Pony uses it in chapter 11 as the main character would use the pistol
  • Grass:
    • Zizzy uses the grass as the main character would use the pistol
  • Apple:
    • George uses the apple as the main character would use the pistol
  • Coins:
    • Coins are used in vending and arcade machines

Roblox Piggy NPCs:

Friendly NPCs:

  • George:
    • You are searching for George throughout the game. You first see him while playing at the end of chapter ten
  • Doggy:
    • Doggy is your fellow police officer and originally appears at the end of chapter two
  • Bunny:
    • You rescue Bunny in chapter five. She gives you a crossbow to use against Roblox Piggy but may have drunk a potion and become infected
  • Pony:
    • Pony is seen with Zizzy in chapter eight. He appears to have romantic feelings towards Zizzy
  • Zizzy:
    • Zizzy is seen with Pony in chapter eight. She helps knock out Roblox Piggy in chapter ten

Mysterious NPCs:

  • Mr. P:
    • You initially communicate with Mr. P via handheld radio, and he is mentioned in many of the chapters. You finally see Mr. P in chapter 11, he looks to have gone through a lot, and his body is half mechanised
  • Giraffy:
    • Giraffy is seen talking to Mimi at the end of chapter ten. He does not appear to be infected.
  • Mimi:
    • Mimi is seen talking to Giraffy at the end of chapter ten. She does not appear to be infected.
  • Zee and Zuzy:
    • Zee and Zuzy are Zizzy’s younger sisters. They were looked after by Pony for some time, and in the end, look after George

Roblox Piggy skins:

The Piggy bot has many different skins throughout the game, we have listed every skin he uses below:

  • Chapter 1: House: Default Piggy skin
  • Chapter 2: Station: Mother skin
  • Chapter 3: Gallery: Father skin
  • Chapter 4: Forest: Sheepy skin
  • Chapter 5: School: Teacher skin
  • Chapter 6: Hospital: Beary skin
  • Chapter 7: Metro: Zompiggy skin
  • Chapter 8: Carnival: Clowny skin
  • Chapter 9: City: Elly skin
  • Chapter 10: Mall: Robby skin
  • Chapter 11: Outpost: Torcher skin
  • Chapter 12: Plant: Badgy skin
  • Bonus Map: Distorted Memory: Memory skin

And that is everything you need to know about Roblox Piggy. If you’re after other titles to play on the platform, you might want to check out our best Roblox horror games guide.