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Roblox stock value slumped in 2022

Despite a stellar 2021, Roblox stock value struggled through 2022, with no immediate sign of an upturn for the popular gaming platform

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Despite emerging as one of the most popular digital investment options of 2021, Roblox stock value slumped in 2022 and ended the year in a worse position than it began. While not the only gaming or tech company to suffer due to the downturn in the global economic situation, currently the platform looks like an outlier, struggling more than some of the other big hitters.

With a Forbes article assessing the viability of Roblox stock in October 2022, and year-end pieces by InvestorsObserver and The Motley Fool, the damage done in the last twelve months is plain to see. At the time of the Forbes article publication, Roblox stock had fallen from $134 per share to $42, while just a couple of months later, the price is now down to just over $30.

It’s not a massive surprise to see Roblox stock suffering in recent months, with many factors at play. Not only has the platform felt the effects of the slow-burning recession, but the Roblox player count saw a downturn for the first time in 2022 too, obviously affecting investor attraction, while some viral Tweets tried to warn parents off allowing their children to use the platform due to some questionable titles.

Whether or not Roblox stock is set to recover in 2023 is anyone’s guess. Even if the prices struggle to recover for a while, we doubt it means the end of Roblox anytime soon, with 2022 also marking the year Roblox went mainstream, with names from Gucci to He-Man arriving in some form on the platform.

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With that, you’re up to date on the Roblox stock value slump of the last twelve months. If you’d rather be playing than reading, check out our picks for the best Roblox games.