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Roblox’s The Hunt revives platform-wide events for a new era

Roblox announces The Hunt, confirming fans’ theories by launching a brand-new platform-wide event that traverses over 80 different games.

Roblox The Hunt: Berry Avenue's mascot, Muneeb's avatar, and a dragon from Dragon Adventures outlined in white and pasted on The Hunt graphics

To the delight of long-time players and fans, Roblox announces The Hunt, the first platform-wide event in several years. The event spans over 80 community-made Roblox games and encourages you to travel across the platform in search of treasures.

This time last year the developer community worried that Roblox events were officially a thing of the past after a homepage update removed the events tab completely. But now, Roblox has officially unveiled The Hunt: First Edition, a project that dedicated players and content creators including Kreekcraft – who was among the first to spot the events tab’s removal last year – have theorized about for weeks on social media.

The platform’s founder and CEO, David Baszucki, followed up the announcement with a tweet saying that Roblox will fly “one user and one creator team to San Mateo for dinner and a product planning session.” Roblox has also confirmed that The Hunt isn’t just a one-off, telling us that “this is the first of many platform-wide events Roblox will orchestrate over the months to come.”

Matt Curtis, Vice President of Developer Relations at Roblox, says, “As with everything Roblox does, with this first edition event, Roblox seeks to learn from the community. This transcends what Roblox can do alone, and this first Hunt will show us where we should go next in partnership with the community.”

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Dragon Adventures, Berry Avenue, and Catalog Avatar Creator are just three of the dozens of community-made games participating in this first iteration of The Hunt, and they’re setting us challenges to earn prizes. On our journey across the platform we’ll track down the Mother Dragon’s missing eggs and whoever stole them in the first place, play team games with the four Catalog Avatar tribes, and cook up a storm to complete the overall objective.

When can I play Roblox’s The Hunt: First Edition?

The Hunt: First Edition starts on March 15, 2024, at 10:00am PT, and ends on March 30 at 12:00pm PT. Head over to The Hunt’s hub world on the day to start your challenge, track your progress, and access your vault full of treasures. You can also purchase limited edition The Hunt items during the event to commemorate the return of Roblox events.

That’s everything you need to know about Roblox’s The Hunt event. Get to grips with the featured games ahead of time by checking out our Dragon Adventures codes, Berry Avenue codes, and Roblox game codes lists.