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PubMatic tapped to boost sales of Roblox video advertising

Roblox’s video advertising system entered alpha testing at the end of 2023 and now digital ad company PubMatic is on board to boost sales.

Roblox video advertising: A generic Roblox avatar standing in front of an edited Roblox billboard mock-up using the PT logo and colours

Digital advertising company PubMatic has announced that it is delivering Roblox’s video advertising strategy, enabling “programmatic media buying of Roblox’s video advertising inventory” when the feature launches fully later this year. This follows several changes to the platform’s ad policy in 2023.

Roblox is a truly massive platform, touting a global community of over 71 million daily active users, and that means it’s the perfect place for advertisements. As part of this partnership, PubMatic will facilitate brands getting their video advertising into Roblox’s various metaverse experiences, appearing in places like theaters and on billboards. In a rare win-win for both sides, companies can choose ‘brand-safe’ experiences to advertise in, and devs who choose to allow ads will get a cut of the revenue, according to Reuters.

However, last year Roblox’s advertising policy committed the company to providing its younger users with an ad-free experience. The new partnership with PubMatic doesn’t change this as video ads will only be shown to users aged 13 and up, but it does mean that advertisers might be misled by the platform’s user numbers. While nearly half of Roblox’s player base belongs to Gen Z, another large portion of players are under 13, so they won’t see the ads.

Regardless, this investment in video advertising shows Roblox’s ongoing commitment to working with brands on the platform. Stephanie Latham, VP of global partnerships at Roblox says, “Partnering with PubMatic unlocks the opportunity for more advertisers to seamlessly engage this community through preferred content formats, like video, while providing advertiser controls around brand suitability.

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“The ad experience we offer on the platform is built to be immersive instead of disruptive, and true to the Roblox experience that our community of creators, users, and brands know and love.” Kyle Dozeman, Chief Revenue Officer, Americas at PubMatic adds, “We are thrilled to partner with Roblox to deliver a pioneering advertising solution that marries monetization with user experience… We look forward to empowering Roblox to maintain full control over its advertising ecosystem while enabling advertisers to reach their target audiences effectively.”

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