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Roblox game creators seemingly courted by competitor Zepeto

As shared on Twitter, it looks like Roblox game creators are receiving messages from Zepeto, offering incentives encouraging them to create on its platform

Roblox game creators news header showing a bunch of Roblox avatars -- basically Lego people -- lined up on some grass. One is wearing a top hat and plaid jumper, another a blue knights costume, another a sort of tweed skiing get up, among other hard to define nonsense.

It looks like Roblox game creators are being courted by competitor Zepeto, via Twitter DMs shared online. Both Roblox and Zepeto offer a platform for user-generated content, but with Roblox far and away the leader in this realm, Zepeto is appealing to creators directly.

As shared on Twitter, Roblox creator Nova apparently received a direct message from Zepeto encouraging them to create on the platform. The message reads, “we would want you to create a game on Zepeto, the game will be owned by you and you have full control of it. We offer a revshare of 50% which is higher than Roblox’s revshare which is 23%. We also offer a marketing grantee for your game which means we will cover all marketing for your games so you wouldn’t have to.”

Though we can’t verify this, a follow-up tweet from Nova does appear to show the message coming from the official account. Other users have also replied to the original tweet sharing similar experiences, lending more credence to the matter. We’ve reached out to Zepeto for comment.

While some Roblox creators consider the tactics underhanded, given their own loyalty to Roblox and Zepeto’s request for a whole videogame, it’s not that surprising that a competitor is reaching out to successful creators directly.

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Either way, we don’t expect to see Roblox game creators moving over to Zepeto in droves anytime soon. For more in the meantime, check out our Roblox promo codes, Roblox game codes, and the best Roblox games to keep yourself occupied.