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Samsung tipped to bring iPhone battery saving feature to Galaxy

Samsung’s battery health software has been spotted in One UI 6, and should bring similar charging features to iPhone and Google Pixel.

Samsung battery health - a photo of four Samsung phones in different colors, one with a stylus next to it

Samsung looks like it’s planning to bring battery saving features to its smartphone range, with a software update that should look familiar to any iPhone or Google Pixel users. Designed to protect your battery by not overcharging it, Samsung’s battery health software could be a lifesaver for anyone who plans to keep their Galaxy for a long time.

As spotted by Tarun Vats on X (via Forbes), this battery protection software has three tiers. There’s basic protection, which stops charging your phone when it reaches 100% battery. If it drops below 95%, it starts up again. Meanwhile, adaptive protection only charges your battery up to 100% when you’re about to wake up, changing based on your phone usage pattern.

The last feature, one which any iPhone 15 users should find familiar, is maximum protection. This stops the phone’s battery from charging over 80% at all, which should mean the battery lasts far longer. Of course, this means that it won’t ever have a full charge, either, so it’s probably not a feature you want turned on before a long trip. It’s important to note that this feature hasn’t rolled out yet, though there’s a workaround as explained in Tarun Vats’ post.

Either way, it’s nice to see battery concerns slowly addressed by the big smartphone manufacturers. Google recently offered a similar update to its Pixel range, and it should mean that phone batteries last longer, leading to less wastage and fewer upgrades; a big win for the planet.

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