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Samsung Galaxy S25 set for a bigger screen in design overhaul

It looks like 2025 could be the year of bigger phones for all, with a Samsung Galaxy S25 design rumor suggesting a new industry trend.

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The Samsung Galaxy S25 line of phones may be almost a year away, but new rumors are already cropping up about significant changes for the whole lineup. Specifically, a new Samsung Galaxy S25 design rumor suggests the phone could get a little bigger.

The current base S24 has a 6.2-inch screen, but that could increase to 6.36 inches with the S25, at least if a rumor from social media tipster Revegnus holds any truth. They also report that “there will be considerable changes in the overall design and concept of the Galaxy S25 series.” What any of that entails, of course, is yet to be seen.

As the leaker notes, the next batch of flagships from the big manufacturers could bring size increases across the board. Our iPhone 16 rumor rundown covers the Pro line’s modest .03mm increase, while some tipsters are suggesting the standard Xiaomi 15 is to match the 6.36-inch AMOLED in the Samsung.

There’s even a suggestion that the top-end Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra could get an even bigger screen size. Hopefully, it’s just a screen size increase thanks to thinner bezels, and not an overall handset size bump – the S24 Ultra is already a very, very big phone.

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Anyway, perhaps the next twelve months could bring us a bunch of bigger phones, but we can’t be certain, so remember that anything can change. For something a little more solid, check out the best Samsung phones you can buy today, or the best 5G phones to see a variety of different manufacturers.