iPhone 16 release date speculation and leaks

We’re always looking to the future when it comes to Apple products, so our guide to the upcoming iPhone 16 has all we know so far about the next generation.

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If you’re already excited about the prospect of the iPhone 16, you’re not the only one. Every year Apple releases a new series of its iconic smartphone, with improvements to both the technology inside and the software it provides. So, we’ve gone in search of a possible iPhone 16 release date window, as well as any leaks suggesting what we can expect in terms of specs and pricing when the next Apple phone arrives.

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iPhone 16 release date speculation

Unfortunately, we don’t have a confirmed iPhone 16 release date just yet. However, with Apple’s release pattern, it’s fair to assume the new devices should arrive in Fall 2024. If the release of the iPhone 15 is anything to go by, the next series of devices should include a base model – the iPhone 16 – as well as the Plus, Pro, and Pro Max versions. We should also get a fancy reveal video, like the one for the iPhone 15 below. As soon as we have a confirmed release date, we’ll be back to update this page with it.

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iPhone 16 specs rumors

While it’s important to take any iPhone 16 specs rumors and leaks with a pinch of salt so far away from the anticipated late 2024 release date, we have seen some reports suggesting what might be new for the sixteenth generation of iPhone. All of the rumors and leaks below are courtesy of MacRumors and tech blogger Ming-Chi Kuo.

The most prominent iPhone 16 specs rumor is the suggestion that the top-end models, the Pro and Pro Max, are getting larger displays. While it’s only a small change to both, the reports say the Pro and Pro Max versions are increasing by around .03mm to 149.6mm in length for the Pro and 163.0mm for the Pro Max.

Another leak suggests that the iPhone 16 series might employ Wifi 7 technology, making for an even faster connection to local internet on the Apple smartphone. Whether this is for all the iPhone 16 series or just the higher-end Pro and Pro Max still isn’t clear, but with other phone brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi incorporating the technology in their latest devices, Apple is sure to want to keep up.

There’s also the belief that the iPhone 16 is going to be the first to feature haptic buttons, doing away with the volume, mute, and power buttons. Apple intended to launch the feature with the iPhone 15, but had to change tact before the release to deal with some ‘unresolved technical issues’. However, there’s no official word on this change yet, and some are under the impression that while the power button might become haptic, there’s slightly less chance of the volume and mute buttons also becoming solid-state rather than physical.

Press image of the iPhone 15 Pro for iPhone 16 guide as the phones will likely have similar designs

Finally, one of the more interesting iPhone 16 leaks is the possibility of a fifth version of the phone, the iPhone 16 Ultra. As the name suggests, this device would be even more of a powerhouse than the Pro Max, and we assume much more expensive, too, taking influence from the success of the Apple Watch Ultra.

iPhone 16 price speculation

While it’s hard to put together an iPhone 16 price estimate in the current economic climate, with inflation rife across many regions, however, we can speculate. Usually, Apple tends to release its devices each year for around the same price, adjusted for inflation over sixteen generations, of course, but that might not be the case with the next series of Apple smartphones.

Some reports, including one from Forbes, suggest we might see an iPhone 16 price hike. While many had anticipated a rise in the cost of the 15 series compared to the 14, due to the price of materials Apple uses to make the phone going up, there was little difference between any of the devices besides a $100 increase to the 15 Pro Max over the 14 series’ equivalent model.

The assumption is that Apple has tried to soak up as much of the increase in the cost of materials as possible. This means the iPhone 16 series may reflect the need to recoup funds following rather generous prices for the iPhone 15 devices outside of the Pro Max. We should know more about exact costs closer to the release date, so bookmark this page for more information as we get it.

There you have it, our guide to all the iPhone 16 release date, specs, and price speculation. To check out the best iPhone currently on the market, see our iPhone 15 Pro Max review. Or, if you’re struggling to decide whether to flip over to Android for the next generation, check out our iPhone vs. Android guide.