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Don’t fear the Reaper, Seven Knights 2’s Valentine’s Day hero

The Seven Knights 2 Valentine’s Day celebration is here, and with it comes a new hero that’s ready to wreak havoc in the mobile game

Seven Knights 2 Valentine's Day key art depicting a male and female posing together

Apparently, it’s not just all you lovey-dovey couples that feel the love this year, as the Seven Knights 2 Valentine’s Day celebration is underway, though we have a feeling that the new hero on the horizon isn’t one for romance.

Dellons, the Reaper of the Abyss is a legendary warrior with an emphasis on attack, which means he deals massive damage to all those that oppose him. Better still, it seems that he’s a bit of a team player, as his special abilities can synergise with other attack-type heroes. If all that isn’t enough to sell you on his battle prowess, he attacks enemies with a stacking debuff – this makes him a formidable opponent.

Besides the Reaper, there’s some new story content for you to enjoy as the Scenario Season 3 update continues to follow Lene and her party as they fight against those that threaten the lands they call home.

When is the Seven Knights 2 Valentine’s Day event?

From February 1 to February 15, you can enter the Valentine’s Day event to give yourself a chance to win a vast array of items, including a costume for the new hero of the hour.

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