Shining Beyond codes: gems, gold, and adventure chests

Get all the supplies and summons you need with our Shining Beyond codes list

March 9, 2021: We’ve checked our list for expired codes

It’s always the same. You start a new gacha but you quickly run out of whatever resource it is that you need to summon more characters. It’s frustrating, but there are plenty of better ways to get currency than just buying it or grinding in-game. That’s why we’ve created a codes list for the mobile RPG, Shining Beyond, to help you get the rewards you need to summon and level even more characters.

Shining Beyond is a game with gorgeous visuals, a great soundtrack, and smart hack ‘n slash dungeon-crawling sections. It’s also got plenty of heroes to summon, and some great customisation options. So whether we’re talking gems, gold, or adventure chests, we’ve got Shining Beyond codes with a little something for everyone.

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Here are the latest shining beyond codes:

  •  3MARDISCORD – 200 gems, 20 six-star colossal XP potions, and three summoning gold tickets
  • BEYOND2021Q – 200 gems and 200,000 gold

Expired list:

  • LNYWISH2021
  • ADDME2021
  • SBLOVE0214
  • lanmao666
  • discord2000
  • SB2020
  • yesshining
  • downtotop
  • roblandes
  • viniitube
  • xmas2020
  • mxmas2020
  • jh6ba
  • n3ugg
  • wtay3
  • qv35e
  • eqmh2
  • rdkvr
  • rfn6t

Shining Beyond characters pose

what are shining beyond codes?

Shining Beyond codes are in-game rewards that you can redeem for gold, gems, adventure chests, and just about anything else you can think of. XII Braves releases these codes on a fairly regular basis, but most often around in-game events and promotions.

how do I redeem my code?

To redeem your Shining Beyond code, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Open the game and tap on your avatar icon in the top left corner
  • Once you’ve done this, tap ‘Redemption Code’ and enter one of the codes above
  • Press ‘enter’ and enjoy your rewards!

where do I get more codes?

A good place to find more codes is on the Shining Beyond official Facebook page, and the Discord. But, as ever, the best place to find codes is right here, as we’ll update our list every time a new reward drops. Handy, huh?

And that’s our Shining Beyond codes list. If you’re struggling to pick the best characters, then why not also check out our Shining Beyond tier list?