Simpsons Hit And Run soundtrack screeches onto Spotify and Apple Music

Almost 20 years since The Simpsons: Hit and Run’s release, the soundtrack makes its way to Apple Music and Spotify platforms for ease of access

Simpsons Hit and Run: Homer in front of chaotic Springfield events

Wake up, all you nineties kids – the Simpsons Hit and Run soundtrack is on Spotify, and Apple Music, in full! Out of Context 20th Century Fox announced the discovery on Twitter, where the news spread like wildfire.

Bear in mind these classic pieces of music haven’t just been added – Disney sneakily uploaded them to Spotify sometime in September 2022, but with no official announcement, so most people (including us) didn’t even realise the songs are available.

If you somehow don’t know what Hit and Run is, it’s one of the best games released in the early 2000s. Featuring the entire Simpsons family and extended cast, it follows Homer and co in a GTA-inspired adventure around Springfield with plenty of wacky sidequests.

So what does this mean? Has Disney finally recognised the everlasting popularity of the 2003 game and taken it into account? It’s no secret, surely, that almost everyone alive for the game’s initial release would die for a remake or a sequel, so perhaps this bodes well for future Springfield adventures…

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