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Pick up some freebies with our Slayers Unleashed codes list

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July 26, 2021: We added new Slayers Unleashed codes to our list

In Slayers Unleashed, you must venture through a dangerous world with a fully customisable blocky character. This Roblox game is inspired by the incredibly popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer, so if you’ve been looking for a fresh new fighting game with anime elements, this is the title for you.

For those of you who are after some freebies, our Slayers Unleashed codes list is here to help. We will update this guide frequently with all the latest codes, so make sure you check back at a later date to pick up even more goodies.

Roblox is full of anime-inspired titles, if you just so happen to play some of them, we recommend you check out our Anime Dimensions codes, Super Evolution codes, and Anime World codes lists to pick up even more free stuff.

Here are the latest Slayers Unleashed codes

Active codes:

  • ;code 115kLikesBreathing – breathing reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll1 – breathing reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll2 – breathing reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll3 – breathing reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll4 – breathing reroll (new!)
  • ;code 115kLikesRace – race reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll1 – race reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll2 – race reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll3 – race reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll4 – race reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiStatReset! – race reroll (new!)
  • ;code 115kLikesClan – clan reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiClanRoll1 – clan reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiClanRoll2 – clan reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiClanRoll3 – clan reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiClanRoll4 – clan reroll (new!)
  • ;code 115kLikesDemon – BDA reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll1 – BDA reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll2 – BDA reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll3 – BDA reroll (new!)
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll4 – BDA reroll (new!)

Expired codes:

  • ;code 0.17BreathingReroll
  • ;code 0.17BreathingReroll2
  • ;code 0.17DemonArtReroll
  • FollowCaleb
  • ;code 10milReset
  • ;code FollowZeno
  • ;code 90KRace
  • ;code 90KPower
  • ;code 80KRace
  • ;code 80KPower
  • 70KRace
  • 70KPower
  • ;code ResetPointsPls
  • ;code RerollRace10
  • ;code RerollRace11
  • ;code RerollRace12
  • ;code RerollRace13
  • ;code RerollRace14
  • ;code RerollRace15
  • ;code RerollRace16
  • ;code RerollPower11
  • ;code RerollPower12
  • ;code RerollPower13
  • ;code RerollPower14
  • ;code RerollPower15
  • ;code RerollPower16
  • ;code RerollPower9
  • ;code RerollRace9
  • ;code RerollPower8
  • ;code RerollRace8
  • ;code RerollPower7
  • ;code RerollRace7
  • ;code RerollPower6
  • ;code RerollRace6
  • ;code RerollPower5
  • ;code RerollRace5
  • ;code RerollPower4
  • ;code RerollRace4
  • ;code RerollPower3
  • ;code RerollRace3
  • ;code RerollPower2
  • ;code RerollRace2
  • ;code ResetPoints2
  • ;code ResetPoints
  • ;code RerollPower
  • ;code RerollRace

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What are Slayers Unleashed codes?

Slayers Unleashed codes give you free race and power rerolls to use in-game.

How do I redeem Slayers Unleashed codes?

If you need some help redeeming your Slayers Unleashed codes, simply follow these simple instructions.

  • Open Slayers Unleashed
  • Type or paste your code into the chatbox.
  • Press enter
  • Perform some free rerolls!
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