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Help save the oceans in one of the most wholesome mobile games

Swoop into Sky: Children of the Light and take part in a heartwarming charity event to help our rivers and oceans, and support a good cause.

Sky Children of the Light Days of Nature key art showing five characters stood on a grassy hill

Ah, what better way to spend your downtime than with Thatgamecompany’s heartwarming Sky: Children of the Light – and what’s even better is there’s a nature-friendly event happening that helps in-game and real-life oceans and rivers.

Sky: Children of the Light’s “Days of Nature” returns for its fifth year on May 27, 2024, and lasts for three weeks. With a focus on cleaning up oceans, rivers, and waterways, the event supports The Ocean Cleanup, a charity aiming to clear 90% of the world’s floating plastic pollution.

Collaborations like this warm my heart as I’m a big believer in the games industry working toward change – something I covered recently for Earth Day 2024. Sky is helping Ocean Cleanup not just by including them in the game to raise awareness, but also by donating money from most in-app purchases.

This also isn’t Sky’s first foray into charity work. Previously, the Days of Healing fundraiser event involved Doctors Without Borders and the #PlayApartTogether initiative back in 2020 to help fight COVID-19.

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During the Days of Nature event, you and your fellow Sky kids help to clean up the darkness threatening rivers in Prarie Peaks. You can also find in-game currency that you can trade for some cute new cosmetics, including hairstyles, scarves, and masks to show that you truly support nature.

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