Sky Children of the Light guide: Season of Prophecy

Our Sky: Children of the Light guide will have you flying high

Sky is a game centred around beautiful simplicity, but underneath it conceals a surprising number of layers. So we decided to create a Sky: Children of the Light guide to help answer all of your burning in-game questions. Whether it’s covering how to get candles and hearts, which cosmetics are available from which spirits, or even the new events, such as the Season of Sanctuary, and the Sky anniversary celebrations, we’ve got you covered.

Our Sky: Children of the Light guide is an extremely useful tool to be able to refer back to, with important information surrounding every aspect of the game. The guide can also help you relax while playing, without having to worry about finding all the details for yourself. And in the end that’s what Sky is really all about!

So kick back with our Sky: Children of the Light guide and get all the details on how to play Sky, how to get its many currencies, and most of all, how to get the most out of playing this wonderful social game.

everything in our Sky: Children of the Light guide:

sky: children of the light prophecy – find out about the Season of prophecy

The Season of Sanctuary is coming to an end, and thatgamecompany has given us a sneak peak of the new Season of Prophecy that is set to follow. From the video it appears that the entrance to the new season area, the Cave of Prophecy, is on the Isle of Dawn. The story for the new season revolves around finding four prophets, though thatgamecompany reassured us that there will still be plenty of new cosmetics and items. You can watch the teaser below:

sky: children of the light event – days of summer lights

The Days of Summer Lights festival has begun! Here’s everything you need to know:

  • At the home hub you should now see a bunch of paper ships floating around containing messages
  •  Spells are now available for purchase from the boat vendor, including recharge spells, fireworks, resizing, and…
  • Paper boats and lanterns! The boats can be used to send messages, and the lantern spell can be used to gain a lantern item for a period of time, letting you shine a spotlight
  • A free set of 2x lanterns and 3x paper boats are available every five days
  • If you want to keep the lantern permanently, it is available as a one-off purchase
  • The event ends on September 20

Here’s a glimpse of the lanterns in-game:

sky: children of the light sanctuary – find out about the new season of sanctuary

Sky’s newest season brings lots of content to the game, so here’s what you need to know about Sky: children of the light season of sanctuary:

  • The Season of Sanctuary is named for Sanctuary Islands – a tranquil archipelago which is to be Sky’s home for ten weeks
  • Six new spirits take *sanctuary* in Sanctuary – help each in their quest for rewards
  • Rewards and cosmetics include six new expressions, six new hairstyles, four capes, two masks, two pants, one new accessory, one new instrument, as well as two new music sheets, and a seasonal pendant
  • Sky Merchandise is finally going on sale, with a merchant spirit in-game who is going to show players how to access it

Here’s also a list of when the season’s remaining travelling spirits are going to arrive in-game:

  • September 3rd
  • September 17th

season of sanctuary cosmetics – find the newest items

Everyone wants to look their best, so here’s what you need to know about the six spirits who give Season of Sanctuary cosmetics:

  • Timid Bookworm: find on the smaller island with the lagoon to gain a hairstyle, music sheet, a butterfly cape, and the Shy expression
  • Jelly Whisperer: find this spirit in the cove to gain a hairstyle, pants, a music sheet, and new expression: Jellyfish Call
  • Hiking Grouch: find on the grassy hill on the opposite island side to the cove to get a mask, a hairstyle, a bowtie, and the Grouch expression
  • Rallying Thrillseeker: find this spirit near to the geyser to gain a hairstyle, pants, and the Accomplished expression
  • Grateful Shell Collector: find this spirit at the bottom of the waterfall to gain a hairstyle, a pink cape, and the Grateful expression
  • Chill Sunbather: find near the small cave at the entrance to the main island to gain a mask, a hat, a flowery cape, and the Belly Rub expression

sky: children of the light on windows – how to play on pc

Sometimes playing with PC is more comfortable. so here’s how you get Sky: Children of the Light on windows:

  • Download Bluestacks on your PC
  • Once it downloads, press install
  • Sign in to your Google Play account
  • Search for Sky: Children of the Light
  • Click to install it

sky: children of the light wiki – find out all of the info on sky

It’s helpful to have a comprehensive catalogue of Sky info, so here’s where to find the Sky: Children of the Light wiki:

Sky: children of the light review – what’s the verdict?

We love Sky – we even gave it a ten in our Sky: Children of the Light review. But if you look at Sky on metacritic, you can see that it’s average score is 81/100, which is pretty favourable.

sky: children of the light download – how to get sky on android and ios

Here’s how to download Sky: Children of the Light:

  • Head to the Sky: Children of the Light Google Play page if you’re Android, or the App Store if you’re iOS
  • Press ‘install’ to download on Google Play, or ‘get’ on the App Store
  • Press open to start playing!

sky: children of the light apk – how to bypass android stores

APKs are useful for updating manually, so here’s how to get the Sky: Children of the Light APK:

  • Find an APK site that you can trust for downloads – we used APK Pure for this example
  • Go to the Sky: Children of the Light page on the APK site
  • Press to download the Sky: Children of the Light APK
  • Find it on your device and manually install
  • When it’s installed you can start playing!

sky: children of the light story – what’s the story of sky

It’s quite hard to work out the Sky: Children of the Light story, but it centres around spirits. In Sky, you are a child of light, exploring different realms and bearing a candle to fight back the darkness. It’s easy to see Sky is heavily inspired by the Shinto-esque ideas of Studio Ghibli, with light representing purity, and darkness representing corruption and decay.

Sky: Children of the Light Spirit – how to interact with spirits in sky

Ghosties are a big part of this game, so here’s how to interact with Sky: Children of the Light Spirits:

  • You can find spirits throughout Sky, with a certain number in each realm. If you follow their trail, they give you an expression
  • Spirits also grant cosmetics for a price – usually what they have on them – including masks, hairstyles, pants, capes, music sheets, or instruments
  • You can purchase these with hearts and candles
  • Some spirits are locked behind barriers which require upgrades, or two players to open
  • Spirit shops can be accessed in various places – Temple at the end of the realm, Spirit’s Stone in social area, and the Constellation Chart in your home space

Sky: children of the light walkthrough – how to play sky: children of the light

Sky may seem like a simple game, but it’s actually surprisingly complex, so here’s how to play Sky: Children of the Light:

  • Flying: apart from running, this is how you traverse the environment. Jumping or boosting during flight requires a charge of Winged Light. You can recharge Winged Light by banking off clouds, flying through glowing butterflies, being near to flame, or interacting with others. You can upgrade your charges by finding Children of Light – glowing golden kids, hard to miss!
  • Realms: Sky is a game about travel, and each realm features a variety of challenges necessary to traverse it. These may involve collection, flight, or being sneaky, but Sky is all about the journey
  • Spirits: these ghosts are how you gain access to cosmetics, potions, and expressions. Unlock them by following their path, then gain hearts and candles to buy what you want

sky: children of the light candles – white candles, ascended candles, and seasonal candles

Candles are an important currency in Sky, so here’s how to use the four different Sky: Children of the Light candles:

  • White Candles: you can purchase a variety of things with these, and collect them by burning Darkness Plants, purchasing them, or by completing quests
  • Red Candles: light these candles to collect wax to make white candles. Treasure Candles are bunches of Red Candles that grant lots of wax, and four of them pop up in a different realm each day
  • Ascended Candles: these are a reward for completing the last realm, and used to purchase Wing Buffs, which also unlocks previously inaccessible cosmetics
  • Seasonal Candles: earn these through daily quests and seasonal events. You can use them to purchase season-specific items

sky: children of the light – art

At the Game Developer Conference this year, we were lucky enough to cover a talk from Lead Artist, Yuichiro Tanabe, about crafting Sky: Children of the Light’s art. We also covered one about creating the social play in Sky: Children of the Light, for any who are curious about how Sky was developed!

sky: children of the light hearts – what to do and how to get them

Hearts are also an important currency, so here’s how to get the two different Sky: Children of the Light hearts:

  • Hearts: these are a standard currency that other players can give as gifts. You can also collect Gifts of Light friends have given you to get them, purchase them at Spirit Stores, or by earn them by getting ten likes on one of your Spirit Shrine messages
  • Seasonal Hearts: Adventure Pass holders are the only ones who can access this rare currency during seasonal events. You need to collect all six to purchase the season’s ultimate gift. Past examples are a Bio-luminescent Umbrella, and a Deer Mask

Sky: children of the light update – patch 0.10.3

Hotfix 0.10.3 has just gone live for Sky: Children of the Light, and brings some quality of life changes to the game:

  • Players should no longer crash when trying to take screenshots
  • Winged Light statues in Eye of Eden should no longer cause crashes
  • Reduced memory usage, resulting in fewer crashes on lower end devices
  • Final Treasure Hunt (Bell) quest date moved to September 8th (was August 17th)

And that’s all the tips we have! If you’d like to play the game, you can find the store links for Sky: Children of the Light further up in our ‘download’ section. We hope you have fun!

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