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Skyward Sword wallpapers - celebrate the HD remaster in style

Check out our favourite Skyward Sword wallpapers to bring the magic of Hyrule to your desktop

Zelda with a harp

With the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on Switch, fans of the legendary series have once again been pulled back into its beautiful and expansive world. With a uniquely stunning art style and breathtaking scenery, now is the perfect time to hype yourself up for this exciting event by decorating your desktop or phone with an awesome wallpaper.

So, that’s where we come in – as huge Zelda lovers, we’ve gathered some of our favourite Skyward Sword wallpapers to mark this super special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a serene backdrop or a swooshing sword, we’ve got something for everyone here, all in the beautiful watercolour stylings that fans have come to adore.

We’ve aimed to pick out a wide variety of styles that really capture the essence of this beautiful game, featuring epic scenes and iconic characters from the hit title. Of course, we were totally spoiled for choice – there is seemingly no end to the gorgeous art that Skyward Sword supplies! If you want to know more about the Skyward Sword release and all of the other cool games that hit shelves around it, check out our list of the ten best Nintendo games to get this July.

Here are the best Skyward Sword wallpapers

#Hyrulean shield with swords

Hyrulean shield wallpaper

What is any Zelda game without the Hyrulean Shield? Of course, the famous Master Sword also makes an appearance too, and the contrast between the red and blue sides really makes for a striking background.

Link raising his sword to the sky against a gold background, with the Skyward Sword logo in front of him
Skyward Sword cover wallpaper

A classic image that appeared on the cover of the Wii release of Skyward Sword, this wallpaper features the iconic shot of Link wielding his sword in front of the game logo, with a stunning golden backdrop.

Link, Fi, and Ghirahim against a blue sky

Skyward Sword HD wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper celebrating Skyward Sword, it pictures Ghirahim, Link, and Fi against a gorgeous blue sky. The shape of the circling clouds adds so much movement to the image, and draws even more focus to Link’s strong stance.

Link riding a loftwing

Link and Loftwing wallpaper

An awe-inspiring piece depicting Link riding on the back of a mighty loftwing, the golden rays breaking through the horizon and the rolling amber and red clouds make for a truly serene yet inspiring wallpaper.

Link slashing his sword

Link with sword wallpaper

With its simple white background and the swipes of blue and purple watercolour, this wallpaper captures the powerful movement of Link’s sword.

Link looking at the sky

Link scenic wallpaper

This relaxing image of Link looking out to the expanding sky is a classic, and it’s no wonder why. The rich blues of the background make his pensive figure truly pop, and with the soft white brush strokes and scattered birds, you can almost hear the sounds of the ocean and feel the breeze in your hair.

Zelda petting a Loftwing

Zelda and Loftwing wallpaper

A tender moment between Zelda and a blue loftwing, this picture has such a lovely, chill vibe. Her happy expression and its twinkling mischievous eyes tell their own story without uttering a word.

Zelda with a harp

Zelda wallpaper

This beautiful painting of Zelda holding her harp should be on the wall of a classic art exhibition – or on your desktop background!

Fi, Spirit of the Sword, on a dark, galaxy-themed background

Fi wallpaper

For those of you looking for something a little more dark and cosmic, we have this gorgeous wallpaper with Fi, the spirit of the Goddess Sword, in all of her ethereal glory.

Link riding Levias

Link and Levias wallpaper

If you want something a little more subtle, this epic shot of Link standing atop Levias may pull you in with its muted tones and high fantasy feel.

If you love Skyward Sword, you can grab your copy of the Switch HD remaster from the Nintendo eShop today. You can also check out our Skyward Sword bosses guide for tips on how to beat the game.