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Gotta go fast with the new Sonic Dream Team time trials

Thanks to the first Sonic Dream Team content update, not only can you complete speedruns, you can also embark on new boss missions.

Sonic Dream Team time trials: Sonic floating in front of a clock in front of a pink boss room

Sonic Dream Team time trials are finally here. As fun as the Apple Arcade exclusive game is, we couldn’t help but think it a little odd that a Sonic the Hedgehog game was missing time trials – what’s the point in going fast if you can’t show everyone just how quick you really are? Well, the first Sonic Dream Team content update fixes that by finally adding the beloved time trial feature.

Many of the best Sonic games feature time trials, as do the best Crash Bandicoot games, for that matter, so it’s great to be able to rush through the ethereal stages with a real purpose now. Well, besides saving the world and everything. As you might expect, there are leaderboards available for the feature in Sonic Dream Time, so you can show the world just how fast you can go.

To go alongside the time trials, there’s now a speedrun mechanic. Yes, for those of you who love to show off how fast you can complete an entire act or even the whole game, you can now opt to complete a speedrun – we very much look forward to seeing some times pop up on SpeedRun.

For those of you who don’t much care for competitive showboating, the update also introduces eight new boss missions, as well as completely overhauling the Guardian Hunter, Factory Foremen, and Dr. Crabulous boss fights, introducing new moves to keep you guessing during the fight.

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