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Space Leaper Cocoon tier list - the best units for battle

Diving into the latest anime gacha game? Make the most of your pulls and build the best team possible with our Space Leaper Cocoon tier list

Space Leaper Cocoon tier list: a collection of anime-based female characters are shown

Looking for a Space Leaper Cocoon tier list? The new anime auto-battler on the block is an exciting gacha game that mixes collecting hero characters with RPG grid battles in an adorable package. Each of the Leapers you unlock has its own characteristics, so make sure you choose the best one for you.

Filled with anime cat girls and some lovely character designs, this Space Leaper Cocoon tier list is here to help you wade through this litter of Leapers and crush your enemies under your paws. Assemble the ultimate team and smash your way through the roguelike gameplay in this addictive auto-battling adventure. All the characters are cute, but you’re going to want to pull some particular ones to declare victory!
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Let’s dive into our Space Leaper Cocoon tier list

Space leaper Cocoon tier list: a pink female cat girl is shown, with long flowing purple hair and glowing with a pink-ish energy

Space Leaper Cocoon tier list

This tier list is based on the characters stats and their overall effectiveness in battle. As more characters become available we’ll update with the newest recruits, and their standing reflected in the latest roster.

Tier Leapers
SS Becky, Clara, Doris, Doanana, Peru, Queena, Leanlev, X, Moon
S Vitty, Sariel, Diye, Fai, Owen, Patch, Latika, Monni
A Millie, DD, Westy Woofd, Golin, Mako, J-001, Tako
B Lucinda, Jade, Mica, Amber
C Miyamoto Ritsuko, Taraxa, Scarlett

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