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Splatoon art gallery shows off the series’ colourful history

Nintendo has put together a Splatoon art gallery on its Japanese website, so you can gawk at the lovely pictures from the Nintendo Switch’s inky multiplayer hit

Art from the Splatoon art gallery, showing various small humanoid squid things on splotchy red and blue paint backgrounds on a purple canvas.

With a new Splatoon art gallery uploaded onto Nintendo’s Japanese website, you can get a look at various pictures from the series’ seven-year history. Since the first game in 2015, it has always been about colourful creativity and loud self-expression, and the concept art holds all that within it.

Over at Nintendo’s Japanese website, a rough translation shows a side-scrolling retelling of the series via its concept art. This Splatoon art gallery is long, and all it leaves me thinking is why can’t we have this as a physical book? That would’ve made an excellent Christmas present.

The way Nintendo treats the Splatoon series always piques my interest – it feels different to everything else in its catalogue. Either way, the excellent series has triggered massive live concerts, a huge and connected community, and countless lovers of its music. I even wrote at length about the Splatoon 3 soundtrack. No matter what, it’s wonderful to see Nintendo continue to celebrate the series that so many people love.

Where can I find the Splatoon art gallery?

You can check out the Splatoon art gallery over on Nintendo’s Japanese website. There’s no sign of it on an English-language website for now, but if we see it we’ll update this page as soon as. Either way, it’s all about the pictures, and pictures speak a thousand, languageless words. Check out the trailer for the latest Splatoon 3 update below.

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There we have it, the Splatoon art gallery. If you’re crying “woomy” whenever you can, you might like our Splatoon 3 Splatfest guide. Or, if you’ve yet to pick up the game, check out our Splatoon 3 review and its endless praise therein.